Please Be Patient

Welcome to 2010, and the new blog.  Why?  To make it short and sweet – I didn’t realize how much fun the last year in blog-o-land would be. From the vast base of knowledge out there to the friendships I’ve discovered, it became more than I ever imagined when I started writing down my thoughts. So now I’ve decided to change things up. Nothing major at the moment, but I wanted to think about the future and hopefully secure my place. Don’t worry, I’ll still be stumbling my way around the kitchen, baking bread, and strolling the city in search of food.

Bread Baker's Apprentice Challenge

To the new year and it’s adventures.

4 thoughts on “Please Be Patient

    • Thanks Sherman. I can’t guarantee much, as I’m still considering whether to import the blogspot blog. I’m hoping, I can just somehow archive it on the side if I do. In saying that though, it does seem to be fairly straight forward. So far so good!

  1. Hey!

    Congrats to the new blog. Got to update my google reader!

    I too am playing around with a new template but holy moly, not as easy as I thought. 🙂

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