Vegas Goodies

Going to Vegas. Words I’m sure plenty of people utter with excitement. Also words I’m sure plenty of people want to forget after a week long bender; something Las Vegas seems to bring out. I would love to have added my own thoughts on such topics, especially as Sarah went to celebrate both her birthday, and New Years. Yet, things weren’t working out and I soon dropped her off at the lovely EIA airport by herself. Then I waited a week, welcomed the new year, and drove back to the airport…and waited. With another flight arriving from Las Vegas before Sarah’s, I was privy to a few conversations in my immediate area that just screamed Vegas. “Oh My God, Becky was so trashed, she starting making out with this random guy” “No luck, dropped $500 bucks” “Seriously man, the nights blend into the days”

Goodie bag..and John.

Before I got sucked too deep into surrounding conversations, Sarah was emerging from the international arrivals gate and we were off. The car ride home was full of Vegas this, Vegas that, with plenty of pictures to confirm some of my “newly” discovered knowledge! But, before I digress further into side stores, lets get back to the point. You see, Sarah was kind enough to bring me back a little bag of goodies. You know, I’m a sucker for goodies..especially when they are wrapped in a Bouchon Bakery bag.

Everything laid out.

Bouchon house blend beans

Cute measuring spoons and a fresh moleskin

What a fantastic surprise. Now, I need to get down there myself and hopefully discover the less beaten path.

*The high quality of these pictures are courtesy of Sarah’s Canon T1i w/50mm lens, something I’m lucky enough to shoot with once in a while…like when, I, er..forget my own. 😉

9 thoughts on “Vegas Goodies

    • I thought about your trip to Bouchon when I saw the bag Brulee. It will definitely be on my places to try when I go. Thanks for the kind words. 🙂

  1. Great new look!
    Wow, great minds think alike! I was just getting to your site to add a link to mine (maybe someday you will do the same?) and not only have you now a new website baby, and the Bouchon coffee. YUM. I hope you like it. I think I recall you are a man who likes your coffee. Let us know what you think of it. I had it last summer and really enjoyed a cup, but was not compelled to bring any home, but it was August. I am feeling a bit wishful seeing your bag!
    Love the masculine feel of this site.

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