GF Patisserie Q&A – Cochrane, Alberta

While rebuilding the blog, I started writing down a few ideas for the coming year. One of these involved getting to know the people behind our growing list of local establishments. With that said, I’m proud to already have my first post courtesy of GF Patisserie, located just outside of Calgary in the lovely town of Cochrane.

The bakery

GF Patisserie is a dedicated Gluten Free Bakery, offering handmade pastries and artisan breads with a focus on using only the best natural ingredients. If you can’t make a trip down to the store, give Ben’s Meats here in Edmonton a try, as they also carry a selection of GF Patisseries treats when available.

Victoria aka The Cake Boss

Victoria Edlinger

Owner of GF Patisserie/Cakeboss

Who taught you how to bake?
I do remember my Grandma baking bread when I was a child, but really, the gluten free baking I do now is self taught.

What are the 5 kitchen ingredients/tools you can’t live without?
-GF Patisserie’s flour mix
-A really good mixer
-My Italian Ovens
-Williams Sonoma Lemon Juicer

When did you realize that this was your passion? And do you have any passions outside of baking?
Food has always been an integral part of my life. Baking has become a passion from necessity after local grocery stores kept running out of my gluten free staples ALL THE TIME! Prior to starting GF PATISSERIE I worked in the Interior design industry , so this will always be my passion. Finding new things in foreign countries and introduce them to market here. Travel would be another one of my passions and currently severely limited due to my bakery. HELP!

What is your biggest culinary guilty pleasure, something the foodies would maybe frown upon? (processed cheese slices etc..)
Foie Gras! Currently there is a strong movement from certain animal rights groups against force feeding ducks and geeese. But really, it’s just too good to give up. And I could go on about children’s rights, but who will listen?

When feeling under the weather, what comfort food do you create?
Rice with milk & sugar. Since childhood.

Is there anywhere you would like to live and work for additional culinary influence?
Menton, France. Equal distances to Provence, Lyon and Bologna.

Are there any food trends on the horizon you would like to work with?
Other than creating a GF BISTRO concept for Celiacs, not really.

Is there anything extra you want your customers to know, that they may not?
I REALLY appreciate the support I am getting from my customers. Not only by patronizing my shop, but by their constant words of encouragement. Also, that we really do bake everything from scratch. That includes squeezing all those lemons for our lemon loaves.

GF Patiesserie
122 3rd Ave West
Cochrane, Alberta