Vegas Adventure

The food, the gambling, the shopping, the partying. I think we can agree that Las Vegas is good for these things. However, with Sarah’s recent trip, I’ve realized there is yet another addition I wish to show you; the pictures. With Sarah taking more pictures than Napoleon had men in his armies, I thought she could take a crack at a small picture tour. So without further ado, I’ll turn this post over to Sarah for her look at Las Vegas. Enjoy.

Arriving on the strip in my Las Vegas chariot.

Home for the week

Birthday celebrations

A BAM-reffic time at Emeril

Our favorite slot machine. She wasn't good at sharing

Diner food AND singing waitresses. Priceless!

New Year's buffet extravaganza

New Year's Eve, Vegas style

A delectable afternoon treat

Bette Middler show - childhood memories..and for cheap! Fantastic

So what can I say about Las Vegas. I know there is more to discover than what’s available on the strip, but you can only experience so much during your first visit to Sin City. Especially during New Year’s, where you end up wasting an entire day on recovery. I found it very surreal at times, almost akin to a larger version of West Edmonton Mall. Rides, crowds, food, and shopping; just on a larger scale. The big difference was watching people two fist bottles of booze, only to look up at the clock and realize it’s 9 in the morning.

Thanks to Chris, I was aware of a few culinary delights and with technology as it is, I could call him on a whim to find a restaurant or address. Casinos, what can I say. There were really all the same at the end of the day. Some had taller ceilings, some were a bit nicer, some smelled better, but they all had that cheap neon glow. There is a funny juxtaposition between building these fancy hotels and casinos only to place the same looking slot machines we could find here at the River Cree. For some reason, I expected things to be a little more classy. There are some neat shops. Although, with our ever-increasing size, Edmonton is starting to see many of the US favourites. I should say that at one point we were sipping complimentary martini’s (at 11AM) while trying on dresses; how very Vegas. The people were great. Everyone we interacted with were friendly, giving us a great welcome feeling during our stay.

I know I’ll definitely be back with Chris one day, if for nothing else but the food and shows. Otherwise Las Vegas, I hate to say it, your bright signs and plinko sound effects weren’t enough to leave me longing for more.


13 thoughts on “Vegas Adventure

  1. Having spent 7 years in that city, all I can say ” I MISS LAS VEGAS”.

    Tackiness for tourist’s entertainment aside, it’s the options for food and entertainment I miss so much.

    If it gets too bright or loud, 210 minutes of driving and you are in Laguna Beach.

    • I think that’s what makes Vegas so two-faced H.Peter. The tackiness can be such an attraction in itself. Once you get off the strip though, I imagine it’s easy to spend a few weeks getting to know the world outside of drinking and gambling.

      I can’t wait to take a crack at Vegas…I’ll definitely be hitting you up for some info before I go! 🙂

  2. Lots of fun 🙂 I used to go to Las Vegas every other weekend or so… 10 years ago. Things change so quickly there, I’m sure I wouldn’t recognize it today!

  3. Oh Sarah T!! HOW I LOVE THE LADY LUCK! Las Vegas is so much fun! I go quite a bit more than i would of imagined….not sure what draws us in (Garry and I) But i think it’s just being outside and walking around and people watching… The city itself is pretty unbleivable….seeing people walk around with booze in there hands super early in the morning….well good times indeed! =D Haha. The Hotels itself do it for me. I love the architecture of it all! The next time you go you should hit up the SW Steakhouse at The Wynn Hotel! DELICIOUS!Best steak! And so beautiful! Also there is this great little vintage bookstore in The Venetian Hotel called “Times Bookstore” I beleive…. It has beautiful original books with signatures by such authors as Bukowski and even Maurice Sednak’s first edition of “Where The Wild Things Are” It’s pretty amazing to see.

    Great pictures!! Love U doll!!

    • Thanks Jo! There sure is a lot to see. I think maybe another trip will be in order in the future. I will definitely check out the ‘Times Bookstore’. I’m glad you liked the photos!

  4. You definetly need another trip! There is one more place i wanted to tell you that you should eat at!! It’s my favorite place to eat when were there! It’s so “old School Vegas”. It’s called “Batista’s” It a bit of a walk down the’s right across the street from the Flamingo Hotel! Best Italian food there!!!!It’s such a great little restaurant….inside the walls are covered with pictures of the owner and tons of celebrities who frequent it now and in the past….like Marilyn Monroe,Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra…all the old shcool people! It’s quite amazing!

  5. We just got back from Vegas ourselves on Monday night – although it was a family road trip with the hubby, the child and me… :)… I can’t say I *love* Vegas – I love the anticipation and stuff, but we generally ended up hanging around the condo with our friends who live down there, just talking and eating (I did a lot of cooking last week – both my little guy and girlfriend are on GF diets). And you know something?? I was perfectly fine with that. We go to Vegas every year, and even it gets boring – all the touristy-type tackiness that H. Peter talked about. It’s just a good time to visit with friends – just with a much louder background… 🙂

  6. Nice to hear about your experience Grace. As a fan of all things food, I have no problem preparing meals and snacks wherever I am. And, you go every year; that sounds like fun.

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