The Week That Was And Is – January 6th, 2010

2010 baby and my first update with the new blog! Hopefully things have started smoothly. It seems a bit slower than normal around the interwebs, but with all the vacation time, is there any surprise.

  • Another local blogger Valerie, A Canadian Foodie, recently send out an email unveiling her new blog.
  • There was a lot of buzz this week about the Oilers/Osteria de Medici mishap. I for one, can’t believe the owner tried to sell story rights, or that he sold the alcohol as individual purchases instead of bottle service. I’m sure there is more too this story…
  • Another Canadian chef is entering kitchen-stadium. Chef Michael Smith is taking on Iron Chef Bobby Flay, and it looks like it might air at the end of January.
  • If you were thinking about a healthy meal, would you consider going to a strip club. Noticing a local job ad on Kijiji for a chef, I clicked through and found the following website. Yes, it is safe for work. Although they could use some new web design.
  • Happiness has rained down again as new episodes of No Reservations are around the corner, and I won’t have to wait long. This Monday, the 11th, Tony will be hanging out in Panama.
  • There seems to be a food fight of sorts in the US between Cablevision and Scripps (parent company of Food Network and HGTV). Unfortunately for many, this means as of January 1st, they no longer receive those channels on their TV.
  • Ever wondered what astronauts might be eating for Christmas dinner? Cause now we know.
  • The first issue of the newly revamped City Palate kicked off it’s run this month. Now known as The Tomato. It continues to be full of food and drink related hoopla including features this month on bacon and raw food.

January/February Edition

  • I’m always looking for spice concoctions to rub on my breasts, chicken breasts that is. What did you think I was talking about! Lately, it seems I’m hooked on a pesto mixture from Victorian Epicure. I can’t comment on the proper use of this product, but who needs to mix in cheese, oil, and nuts when I can sprinkle it on my chicken.

Pesto baby!


7 thoughts on “The Week That Was And Is – January 6th, 2010

  1. The link to Val’s site isn’t working correctly. On that note, Val, welcome!

    Based on the preview, not sure if I look forward to the Panama episode of No Reservations, specially not when it shows (what seems to be) the burning of confiscated drugs… O_o But, past that, I hope it will include El Chorrillo (the place where I grew up) where it makes killer fried fish and El Casco Viejo (“The Old Quarters” if you can call it that way). However, I have the feeling it will show Colon, the Darien jungle and the (former) Canal Zone…

    While I don’t mind Michael Smith that much (he has his share of detractors), I hope he will be given a fair judgment, given what happened to David Adjey and Lynn Crawford.

    • Thanks for the tip on the link.

      I actually wrote out, “We’ll have to see what Vancouver blogger Kim says about the No Reservations episode. As a former citizen, I’m sure he’ll have some interesting thoughts”. But, I didn’t know if you would have a chance to see it right away. Anything form Panama..and it goes right back to you!

      I just hope that Chef Smith can step out of his laissez-faire style and bring the heat. Should be interesting either way.

  2. Speaking of strip clubs and food, I was watching one of those Heston Blumenthal (of Fat Duck fame) shows on the food network, and it was about recreating the perfect steak. So for research, he went to New York and asked where he could find the best in the city.

    … and you guessed it. It was a strip club! And they weren’t joking either. He was given a tour of the kitchen and there were amazing cuts of aged beef in a giant room. Legit chefs, etc.

    • Inside the circle of men (both young and old) I’ve known, there has always been plenty of jokes about going to a strip club for a good steak sandwich. Similar to reading playboy for the articles..but really, the food myth must come from somewhere. Just like PB has had some epic articles/interviews over the years.

      I’ll have to check around youtube for the clip. In saying that, I can picture great kitchens in NY strip clubs, if for no other reason than some of these private clubs are very elite, and very very private..nothing like what we have here.

  3. Thanks for the “shout out”, Chris. You do have a chatty little back room, here, don’t you. Love it. Where did you get your issue of Tomato? I think there is an article in there about Nutritious Lunches I want to read… is it there? I haven’t seen the paper yet, and it wasn’t at the Italian Centre when I picked up a few items the other day. The front image is truly a “coming out” shout!
    Keep rubbing those breasts!

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