Potato Rosemary Bread – Bread Baker’s Apprentice Challenge #28

Is that a piece of rosemary in your bread, or are you just happy…

With the Portuguese bread already a thing of the past, I trudged along in the BBAC. Opening the Bread Baker’s Apprentice to page 219, I discovered a potato and rosemary bread recipe. Sounds like a treat to me. Needing a pre-ferment, I put together the biga on Saturday night only to wake up Sunday and realize I needed to purchase both potatoes and rosemary. Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, off to the store I go.

How can you not be excited?

With my biga out of the fridge and coming up to room temperature, I started my prep. The recipe called for mashed potatoes, so I started with them first. Once mashed, I let the potatoes cool before putting it all together, and oh boy did it come together beautifully. Not as sticky as previous artisan doughs, I loved this refreshing change. Instead of fighting with the dough or keeping my hands lubed up, I could easily transfer the dough between my hands and the proofing bowls. Plus, this meant I wouldn’t be pulling hidden pieces of dough off my hand later (think hair + band-aid = ouch!).

Almost ready

Almost ready - another angle

Splitting the aromatic, and puffy pile of dough in half, I kept one piece whole and divided the second into dinner rolls. After another rise, I wiped the top with olive oil and put everything into my magic heat box. 20 minutes later I had 11 soft dinner rolls, and another 20 minutes was all it took to create the big version.

Dinner rolls

I ended up ripping into a dinner roll straight from the oven and loved the flavour profile. It truly is amazing how the simple addition of herbs can make such a drastic change. Seriously delicious; something I can’t say however, was a unanimous thought at the home stead. Oh well, you can’t win everyone over. Even with the mixed results, I think this would be a great addition, and about 400 times better than many of the bread offerings at all these $40 dollar-entree restaurants around town.

A late night slice.

4 thoughts on “Potato Rosemary Bread – Bread Baker’s Apprentice Challenge #28

  1. Thanks. The dinner rolls were so soft and airy H.Peter. Unfortunately, I have no interior shots, so I just snapped one of the loaf.

  2. This may be one of my favorite recipes. I have left the rosemary out when I thought it would clash with the dinner flavors, but I do think that the rosemary and roasted garlic is so delicious. Glad to see another baker who is unable to wait for the required cooling period.

  3. I never thought about leaving out the rosemary, but it makes sense. The texture is perfect, and would make for a more general overall flavour without the herbs. I’ll have to keep this in mind.

    I think that’s the best part about dinner rolls Anne, you don’t ‘wreck’ the whole loaf by cracking into it right away…although, I’m more than a little guilty of diving right into a giant fresh loaf of rustic no-knead as well!! I love how fresh bread just melts butter into flavour-town.

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