Leva Cafe Bar – Edmonton, Alberta

Leva Cafe Bar
11053 86 Ave
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Sarah and I often grab a coffee during the week, and with the assortment of coffee shops on Whyte Ave, it makes the area an easy option. However, last Friday, we decided to head a little farther west and stop in at Leva. It’s been awhile since I’ve been to this Italian-style cafe, so it felt good to stop back in.

The menu at Leva includes a mix of panini’s, sweets, salads, and gelato in the summer. A quick look around the tables confirmed that hot beverages were the purchase of choice. Not bucking from the trend, we ordered our drinks and grabbed one of two tables open; busy little day at the cafe it seemed. At the end of the day, it’s probably no more comfortable than your average Starbucks,  but Leva has a great personality. Plus it’s pretty hard to miss the giant selection of coffee/espresso machines and panini machines located at the back of the room. This is definitely a coffee spot. I wonder how they’ll do with Transcend moving into the area.

All in all, it was a perfect place to relax, chat, and sip a bit of java.

5 thoughts on “Leva Cafe Bar – Edmonton, Alberta

  1. As I mentioned in other coffee shop related Blog posts, what I miss here is the European coffee house.
    Where you sit and linger, linger more until you have to go back to work or home.
    Maybe just nostalgia for me, but I do miss it.

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