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What is there to say about McDonald’s. Known to everyone in the world, having served ka-jillions, I’m pretty sure you have an understanding of what they offer. Burgers, shakes, fries, pop, muffins, you get the idea. There is nothing wrong with the food, but after spending my high school years slinging burgers here, I’ve had more than enough McDonald’s than I care to remember. Where does this leave me, well honestly, without a reason to venture in these days. So, what brought me back today? The internet, and all those crazy concoctions.

A classier kind of McDonald's

I’d first heard about the McGang Bang a few years back, and while there are a couple variations, the original seems to be a McChicken sandwich stuffed inside a double cheeseburger. Ordering this burger by name is bound to be met with a few strange looks. I have a feeling that your chance of successfully ordering a McGang Bang is better left to the late night drive-thru where a ‘hipper’ employee may be in the know. For me, I simply ordered the two different burgers. While waiting for my food, I did ask the friendly employee if this was a common order, to which she replied ‘ah, I dunno’. She clearly had no idea what I was about to create!


Double Cheeseburger

The McChicken looked decent out of the box; crisp lettuce, decent shot of mayo, slightly ajar top. The double cheeseburger was a different matter; cheese askew, grease all over the package and bun. To think, this was about to go in my stomach.

The McGang Bang

The toughest thing was taking the cheeseburger apart. Having waited a few minutes, while I took pictures, the cheese had become one with the top patty. Eventually though, after a bit of hard work, I put the towering inferno together!

First taste

Making good progress

The result; meh. Far from offensive, and far from fantastic. It tastes like fast food. I don’t think the hype with this burger has to do anything with the taste though, so I wasn’t missing out. Rather, I think it has to do with the massive pile of greasy, chicken and meat in one package. Oh…and the carbs, don’t forget all about those lovely white bread calories. I can tell you that if you are worried in anyway about unlocking your jaw to eat this, don’t. The wonderbread like buns compress with the slightest touch and the patties are so thin that, as you can tell, it shrinks down in to a really manageable size. I mean that, it’s probably smaller after a quick squish than most gourmet burgers around town. Anticlimactic maybe, but I now beg you to pardon my exit while I go sweat out some meat.


10 thoughts on “McDonald’s Internet Menu – Edmonton, Alberta

  1. I clearly remember when the first McDonald’s opened in Austria. I was in second year of hotel trade school. A lot of us went to check it out. Been a fan ever since, casual, once a month kind of fan.

    Did you try their Cinnamon thingies?

    • I remember working at McDonald’s and getting the pamphlets/videos about what country we were expanding into. It was really neat to see how stores were basically the same, no matter where. Although, some countries have some pretty amazing country specific items. I’ve never tried the Cinnamon bread thingies..any good?

  2. You are rockin’ along with your new site, Chris! I really like the Q and A strand, and your bread making. Once you have finished the bake along thing, I would love to know which are your favourites. I make my own bread all of the time. But, it is always the same three: white, whole wheat (same recipe), or a focaccia. Every one of yours looks fantastic.
    Keep them coming!

  3. Thanks Valerie. Appreciate the kind words. Tough call about which is my favorite right now, but I’ll definitely write up a recap at the end.

    • Thanks Sherman. I was thinking about you guys in Van while making this. I need to look for that link again, as I can’t find it off the top of my head. I’m sure the masses would get a laugh out of that one.

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