The Week That Was And Is – January 13th, 2010

Week two of the new year, and things are moving along nicely. First, House and Fringe are both back on, No Reservations started strong in Panama, and I’m getting excited for the 8th season of 24 to start this Sunday. Oh Jack Bauer! Now, if only Stargate Universe wasn’t taking such a big break. Back to the food though;

  • Mary, from The Tomato, mentioned on Chowhound that Le Gnome is closing it’s doors in West Edmonton Mall after being unable to come to reasonable terms. While always full of culinary goodies, tools, and gadgets, I rarely purchased items there. As disappointing as it may seem, the same items were always available elsewhere for less, sometimes considerably.
  • With the opening of Five Guys Burgers and Fries in Medicine Hat last week, I’m hoping it just a matter of time before I’ll be cracking peanuts and enjoying their burgers here in Edmonton. If not, I’ll just go visit my friends down south and have a sample. Can you believe the first Five Guys in Canada opens in Medicine Hat?
  • There was an article about food-blogs in the latest Bell Mobile magazine. Maybe I was hoping for more; I’m sure it’s great for those who don’t surf for food on a regular basis, as David Lebovitz and Homesick Texan aren’t exactly new to the world of foodies.
  • “Totally void of flavor” “The sauce tastes like Ketchup” 50 years in, and Domino’s is remaking their pies. I think it takes a strong CEO to give in to the cardboard-like-crust complaints and then do something about it. Thumbs up for customer service.
  • One of the best articles I stumbled across this week, was this Buffet Guide. Seriously amusing, it talks about everything from buffet type (Chinese, Sushi, American,Pizza) to buffet prep (clothes, workout) to getting the most out of the meal (high ticket items, trying new things) and then the after math (don’t be the driver or schedule things in the day). The guide is quite long, but have a gander and a laugh. I love when people write these articles.
  • Ever found yourself wondering how many feet of noodles are in a bowl of Campbell’s chicken noodle soup? At least 32, and this man proved it. Crazy!
  • A couple of months back, I noticed this butter dispensing machine at the local Cineplex. As it was late, past midnight, I started to wonder how busy this machine is during the regular movie rush. Trying to snap a picture during a recent 7 o’clock showing, provided my answer. This machine was never left alone for more than a few seconds with most people applying a 4-6 second pour. I was in awe, especially considering how unhealthy movie theatre popcorn is? Has anyone used this little dispenser?

Finally, did you get a chance to see Anthony Bourdain last night in Calgary? Thoughts?

6 thoughts on “The Week That Was And Is – January 13th, 2010

  1. I am so surprised that you of all people were not at Bourdon! It was so good! He was so enjoyable and was just like you would expect him to be from his shows and books. He talked about so many different things – From fast food to sustainability/eating organic to being a gracious guest in people’s homes to his thoughts on other celeb chefs and their shows. I read on chowhound how people were surprised about his vulgarity but I think that is his personality and I would have truly been disappointed had he been pg all night long.
    At the beginning the host mentioned that the EPCOR Center was looking at doing a whole series of Culinary Speakers and that there would be a survey to fill out at the end. I don’t think that there would be many more people that I would be interested in driving all the way to Calgary to see but then again Bourdon is at the very top of my Celeb Chef List 🙂

    • Hey Bellavino. I know right, it just didn’t work out in the end. A big bummer on my side of things. The only thing that saved me, was watching the start of the new season. Thanks for the review, he is such a great talker right!

      I was surprised to read about the ‘complaints’ on Chow as well. Have these people been living under rocks? Maybe it was a bunch of non-foodie types who wanted to mingle with the famous Bourdain? That’s the only thing I can think. I was also surprised to hear how many, if not most, of the post-evening thoughts were also very negative towards Julie. Didn’t sound like she went over very well, but then again foodies can be pretty strong.

  2. It was quite the mix of crowd for sure. From my people watching skills I was able to pick out the cooks, the foodies, the foodie snobs, ect. There were even a few people who were at the show who had never even heard of him before which surprised me the most. I cant even describe the high I got just from being in a room full of people who I knew were just as in love with food as I am! It was a great feeling!
    Overall it was nice to see how grateful the crowd was that he was able to be there to do a show and that they realized how lucky that they were to be there. There were a few that used the Q&A to get autographs or to ask to get into the VIP section which I think was over the line but I guess there is always going to be those people at these things.

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