Furusato Japanese Restaurant – Edmonton, Alberta

Furusato Japanese Restaurant
10012 82 Ave (Whyte)

There really is nothing like sushi, in fact, given the opportunity, I would probably choose to eat sashimi at least once a day (including breakfast). In saying that, and if you followed along with my previous blog, you would know by now that most of my sushi dollars get spent at Furusato on Whyte. Offering a great selection of seafaring goodies, I’m rarely if ever disappointed with something from here. So needing to feed the body, after freezing my toes off waiting for the Olympic flame to run down Whyte, Sarah, The Captain, and I headed over to find warm shelter and food.

The Bar

Grabbing a table off to the side, we quickly ordered a pot of tea. Having a gander around, I was surprising to see the restaurant only half full. I’ve come to believe this is a rare occurrence Furusato, but a quick bathroom break was all it took to fill up the tables. With the tea arriving while I was away, we soon started to warm our bodies and work our way through the menu.

In before the rush.

Having had the opportunity to sample/test a few items here over the last year, the three of us were offered a piece of baked teriyaki tuna. The fish was ok, not something I would order on a regular basis (I’m at a sushi joint for a reason). A little dry towards the outer edges, we all agreed that the prize sections were next to the skin and bone where it was really moist. The teriyaki sauce was light, and added a level of sweetness that wasn’t cloying or overpowering in any way. Cold sprout salads are one of my favorite sides, and this was a good version.

Tuna Teriyaki

Sarah eventually decided on a veggie roll, and a spicy salmon roll. The veggie roll was pretty hefty, and tucked inside was a mixture of avocado, cucumber, carrots, spinach, mushrooms. It seemed to go over well.

Veggie Roll

The spicy salmon roll arrived to our surprise, as 12 pieces, and was plated with The Captain’s food. Sarah, who really enjoys spicy food, let me sneak a piece of the spicy salmon roll, and I was surprised to find it lacking any real kick. There was a sriracha style flavour, but I wonder if the recipe/sauce is the same each time or it depends on the day. It also makes me wonder what ‘spicy’ means to everyone; as in, do people complain if it’s too hot, only to eventually be offered muted rolls? Combined with the veggie and tuna tasting, this was more than enough for Sarah who ended up taking a few pieces to go.

Spicy Salmon, Dynamite Roll, Rainbow Roll (front to back)

Rainbow Roll, Dynamite Roll, Spicy Salmon (left to right)

The Captain, as you can tell from the pictures, seleced a dynamite and rainbow roll. It sounded like this did a solid job of filling him up, and he seemed to thoroughly enjoy the order. I think he would easily make this decision again.


I selected one of my standby dishes, chirashi, and wasn’t disappointed. A solid portion of seafood sitting atop well seasoned rice, I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of this offering. Keep your mayo, over sauced and deep fried rolls all to yourself, because all I need is a few slices of fresh fish and some well prepared rice.

Olympic Flame

The entire evening was great. From getting to see the Olympic flame for the second time, (Calgary ’88 baby!), to warming up over sushi and good conversation. Success was had on this evening.

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  1. I have to say I am becoming more and more of a fan of Furusato every time I go. It has always been a good experience. Seeing the Olympic flame run by made the night extra special!

  2. I just found your blog! I am very excited about this discovery as I am an Edmontonian food blogger myself (http://marielsnoms.blogspot.com)! It’s so great to see that you do a ton of restaurant reviews, as I, being a student, do not fill that niche very well! The reviews are great (how many times have I walked by Furusato and never even noticed it before?! I will definitely have to try it out)! Keep it up! Also, I will definitely be linking to your blog in the near future!



    • Thanks for stopping by Mariel, and the kind words. I try to remember the camera and such whenever I go out, but I also include recipes and creations from the homestead as well. All the best with your blog!

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