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HealthFare Restaurant (Downtown)
10279 Jasper Ave
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Looking for a light bite to eat, Sarah and I took advantage of the newest HealthFare location on Jasper Ave as we figured it would fit the bill. With two spots in town, HealthFare is a bright enviro-conscious addition to the city. Offering healthy items, complete with nutritional breakdowns, I think it confirms the idea that there is a big difference between fast-food and food that is fast.

A quiet night

Walking in around 6:30, we were occupying the space with only one other patron. Well this can say a lot about a restaurant, I think it says more about Edmonton’s downtown core which is need of rejuvenation, and is something I hope happens sooner than later. Coming back from the maze of hallways leading to the bathroom, Sarah had ordered the curry lentil soup (staff recommendation), asparagus dill salad, and a multi-grain bun.

The soup was fantastic. While it’s easy for carrots to retain some bite, I loved that the lentils were al dente and hadn’t turned to complete mush. The flavour profile was based on curry, and it was bright without any heat. Solid staff recommendation. The asparagus dill salad was cold, somehow I hadn’t expected that. Blanched and then cooled I imagine, the asparagus was cooked nicely, but in all honesty, it lacked any dill flavour. It should have been called cold asparagus spears.

Finally the bun, which was the size of a football. I’ll never understand the bread overload mentality, and don’t know anyone who needs a loaf of bread with their meal. It’s like the massive bowls of pasta people order; I mean who are you Paul Bunyan. As I set up for the picture, I realized the bun was warm, which was a nice touch. However, the bread lacked any real flavour. Looking at the bun, you would think it was full of texture and taste..but no. It tasted, at most, like a generic store bought ‘brown’ bread. Major fail.

I like the idea behind HealthFare. There is something special about a company who goes out-of-the-way to employee registered dietitians to bring real nutritional information to you. It seems pretty obvious that this type of information isn’t the be all end all of food decisions (fast food is still extremely popular), but as someone who takes a keen interest on what goes in my body, I really appreciate all the effort. With such a small slice of HealthFare on this evening, I won’t hesitate to stop back in if the time comes. I just won’t order the bread.

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