The Week That Was And Is – January 20th, 2010

And Jack Bauer is back. I think that unless you’ve watched the first 7 seasons of 24, you may not get the hype in this show or you may think JB is a bit gimmicky. Yet, I think after all these years he still continues to mature. A strong start, I know I’ll be watching every Monday.

  • With Edmonton’s Fork Fest underway, I wonder if any of you have had a chance to dine out yet? I think if we take Twitter into consideration, it goes to show that many potential customers want to see the menus before going out; something I always hope for. *Update – menus are now online.
  • Maybe unrelated, with regards to Fork Fest timing, but Chef Blair Lebsack from Madisons Grill (a non-original fare member) is hosting a Farmer’s Market Dinner this Friday, the 22nd. $70 gets you; a great evening, enjoying great company and great food, but it is also to showcase our local cuisine and how it gets from the farm to the plate. We are having some of our local ranchers, farmers and purveyors on hand to also enjoy the evening, answer questions and show how buying local can create more than just a great meal. Anyone want to take me along?
  • I noticed that Flirt Cupcakes is offering Valentines Day delivery of their cupcakes. This in turn had me wondering how the cupcake business is treating everyone. I suppose the announcement of Whimsical Cupcakes opening towards the cupcake epicenter that is Whyte Ave, is a indication that it’s still increasing.
  • At 83, the man behind SpaghettiO’s, Donal Goerke, recently left the culinary world for the big pasta bed in the sky. Created in 1956, it’s hard to believe there was a time without this dish. Keeping with the sad news;  Glen Bell who began his career running a hotdog and hamburger stand and eventually created Taco Bell has also left the world for the big taco in the sky.
  • I came across this ‘Crazy Pizza’ post, and thought I would share. And just to keep with the crazy food, how about a look at some unique hamburgers.
  • After months of crazy chocolate fighting, Cadbury finally agreed to a $19.5 billion buy out from Kraft. Which has now become the world’s largest candy company.
  • Don’t believe everything you read. After a study of frozen entrees and 10 chain restaurants including Wendy’s it appears that “The food at many popular chain restaurants and in the freezer section of the supermarket may contain a lot more calories than advertised”
  • I stopped into Sobeys Urban Fresh downtown on the weekend. Over an americano and turkey, bacon sandwich, I struck up conversation with the staff. In a very unsurprising discovery, I was told the concept as a whole has been a terrible business decision; they never saw the type of clientele or customer base that was needed to really make a go of things. It also sounded like things will now be focused on moving back the platform back to a standard grocery store concept. It’s a shame really, I don’t live downtown, but can appreciate the work it takes to revitalize the area. One day.

  • Driving past Millbourne Market Mall yesterday, I couldn’t help notice the exterior renovations are looking almost complete. What has been a dead mall for some time (it briefly held a call center giving it “some” life), the newest renovations have come thanks to some medical offices moving into the vacant space. Here’s hoping the new investments bring some fresh shops.

  • And to close the week, the Anthony Bourdain update. Episode 2 of the new season had Tony in Istanbul, and may be one of the most drool inducing episodes I can remember. Much like Tony, my preconceptions of Turkish cuisine were pretty limited; kebab, donar, dips etcc.. Besides the amazing food, I really enjoyed the handler he had (she was fantastic) and the crazy taxi driver. Make sure you put your tivo on for this one. Next week, all things pork.

5 thoughts on “The Week That Was And Is – January 20th, 2010

  1. There was zero reason for me to ever go to the Sobey’s downtown when I lived in that part of the city. And pretty much every person I know living downtown feels the same way. It lacked some of the essentials that other grocery stores had, and the few ‘unique’ items they did have didn’t make up for that fact. Even as a place to grab a quick lunch during the work week, Save-on was by far a better option than Sobeys and in my office, people would rather drive to Safeway than walk to that Sobeys location. I don’t think things will change when they move back to a more standard grocery store model either.

  2. I think being as you lived in the area and didn’t go, makes me believe you fit exactly into the statement about ‘wrong clientele’. I don’t think we live in a city with enough slow-food or European style food mentalities. By that I mean, people who aren’t sharing life over a few delicious plates (think tapas) and a glass of wine. We are rushing to and fro (and always driving everywhere) at such a pace that it was bound to have a tough go at things. Edmonton, is a place where the wine bar is in it’s infancy, so really who is going to have a adult beverage at a Sobeys. Although, the prime real estate patio is pretty fantastic.

  3. I am from Europe and i had misconceptions about Turkish food. Not until I went there, was I taught the incredible variety and friendliness of the poeple there.

  4. It’s a shame that Sobey’s is moving towards the norm. When I lived downtown it quickly surpassed all other supermarkets and I changed my shopping habits to fit the store – I usually went 3-4 times a week. I prefer browsing and picking up things for a couple of days, and find myself eating more seasonal produce that way. Now that I’m in St. Albert, it’s a lot more difficult to do that.

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