Spam, Egg & Rice

What says precooked, canned meat better than Spam, that infamous Hormel dish. Whether you eat it or not, really doesn’t change the fact that this meat option has been an important aspect of many a meals around the world. From family’s requiring cheap protein to supplying soldiers during WWII; from fried spam sandwich’s to sushi spam, you’ll find this treat all over the place. Included in the list of spam dishes out there to discover is this – spam, egg & rice.

Very simple in it’s structure; fry up a few slabs of spam, then fry an egg (keep the yolk super runny) before putting everything on a pile of rice. Ta da! Told you it was easy. With everything in your bowl, take your knife/fork/chopstick/finger and dice everything together. Almost like a ghetto version of bibimbap, it goes to show how much fun can be had when playing with your food. Certainly not an everyday meal, but I think you’d be hard pressed not to enjoy the eggy meat flavours.

Now..did I scare you off of spam yet?

10 thoughts on “Spam, Egg & Rice

  1. My boys jokingly call this “Stuff Posing As Meat” as the acronym for SPAM. I’ve always enjoyed it and this looks like a quickie version of ham fried rice. Yum~

  2. Chris…. This post brought back so many memories from last spring in Hawaii. The hawiians like their spam… Spicy spam, hickory spam, 25% less salt spam (cause that matters when eating processed meat in a can), original spam, BBQ spam…..and the list goes on!
    The group I went with liked to fry the spam and eat it alone, the hubby however liked to fry it and put fresh mozza on it. Can’t say I indulged in the Spam craze as it makes me gag looking at it, I did however give the spicy spam with cheese on it a chance and it wasn’t half bad. Overall I think I will let our troops and people stalking their bomb shelters for 2012 purchase and eat the spam.

    • Ann, I remember reading a few years back that Hawaii eats more spam per-capita, so it’s really no surprise that SPAM is commonly called “The Hawaiian Steak”.

  3. To me, this screams very Filipino. I guess the Hawaiians also liked their spam? Gotta give it to the American GIs who brought it over to our islands and then we adopt it as our own.

    What you have up there reminds me of my childhood. I still like rice with eggs and ham and/or spam.

  4. I grew up with dishes like these. The only thing you are missing are baked beans in tomato sauce. My grandma used to make suppers like these when when she was too lazy to cook for real. Gonna throw another culture into the mix…I’m from Brunei.

  5. Sounds like a good childhood memory to me Lea.

    Elaina, are you saying just add baked beans to this dish? Or it is spam and your tomato beans?

  6. My grandma cooked everything pretty much separately, so it was served family style. You had your bowl of rice and scooped onto it what was laid out…the tomato beans was cooked together with the egg, and the spam was separate. Hopefully this makes sense.

    I will be making this for supper tonight. =)

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