The Red Ox Inn Q&A – Edmonton, Alberta

Located on Edmonton’s south side, between Bonnie Doon Shopping Centre and the North Saskatchewan River, the The Red Ox Inn, is a wee little restaurant serving “serious food in a casual environment”. Always a hit in the city with a foodies, I thought it would fit perfectly into the Q&A series. Oh, and you probably want to make reservations if you are going to sample the treats..just saying. πŸ˜‰

Frank Olson

Chef/ Owner Red Ox Inn

How would you classify your cooking style?

Who taught you how to cook?
Self taught at the restaurant. I learned from my staff and by reading heavily.

What are 5 kitchen ingredients/tools you can’t live without?
A good sharp knife, bacon, homemade stock, fresh herbs, cheese

When did you realize that this was your passion?
About a year after we bought the restaurant- cooking was a great outlet for me.

And do you have any passions outside of cooking?
Reading, architecture and design, my kids

What is your biggest culinary guilty pleasure, something the foodies would maybe frown upon?(processed cheese slices etc..)
A peanut buster parfait.

When feeling under the weather, what comfort food do you create?
Any kind of chicken soup- stock makes your house smell so good.

Is there anywhere you would like to live and work for additional culinary influence?
Too many to list but probably California, Spain, and Italy would top the list.

Are there any food trends on the horizon you would like to work with?

I think sous vide cooking is very interesting but it is always a question of space in our restaurant.

Anything you want your customers to know, that they may never hear?

We just try to get better all the time and keep it interesting for everybody.

The Red Ox Inn
9420 91 Street
Edmonton, Alberta
Dinner only: Tuesday – Sunday