JoJo’s Cafe – Edmonton, Alberta

JoJo’s Cafe
8004 Gateway Boulevard

Continuing my journey to discover the different caffeine supply shops in and around Whyte Ave, Sarah and I stopped in at JoJo’s for our java fix. Located just south of Whyte, JoJo’s is part of La Piazza Dasee, a flower shop, which helps to create a different cafe experience. I stopped in right after they opened (see here), but though it was time to re-sample the java.

Things were slow on this day, with Sarah and I being the only customers for much of the visit. With no staff behind the counter, if took a minute or two for someone to come over from the flower side of the operation. While ordering our standard americano’s, we noticed the lack of available treats. No gelato or anything in the coolers and only a few baked items (biscotti) on the counter.

Artistic cups = Pricy cups

After sitting down and taking my first taste, I was delighted to be diving into a spot-on americano. It’s so refreshing to have a perfect cup some days, that you can easily forget to think about it. Almost like when your afternoon goes so smoothly you don’t notice, but if something goes wrong you know right away.  Plus there is such a great feel to JoJo’s. A great combination.

One other customer entered during our visit and ordered a soup with her coffee. Having never witnessed anyone order food here, I noticed that the soup was poured into a bowl and then microwaved. Who knows what kind of business they do with regards to food, but I guess it’s not enough to keep a fresh pot on the go. If you haven’t gone, it’s worth a visit. And hey, you might even pick up a flower or two.

3 thoughts on “JoJo’s Cafe – Edmonton, Alberta

  1. Not only was the Americano great tasting they also have a coffee punch card! Buy 9 get the 10th free. The days of coffee cards are long gone so it was exciting to see they still offered one. I’ll be back for sure!

  2. Great people, great location, great decoration/charm, bad coffee. Sorry, wish it was better, but 1 star out of five.

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