Orchesis Dance Motif – Edmonton, Alberta

This weekend saw the 45th Annual Orchesis Dance Motif take place at the University of Alberta’s Myer Horowitz theatre. Billed as an evening of modern and jazz dance entertainment, it’s probably not an event I would have attended if Sarah wasn’t participating. Being new to the world of modern dance, it takes a bit of extra openness to truly appreciate the artform. Because really, it can take a certain something to understand how staring at a wall or shaking like you are having a seizure is artistic genius.

The night started strong, with what I think was the best performance of the evening and followed with a few highs and one major low. The playbill listed guest choreographer, Josh Beamish as a the main draw, with his Alberta Foundation for the Arts funded Faceless Head Woman. Unfortunately for Josh, the university students, who weren’t funded put his work to shame. I realize I don’t have the background or depth to understand the in’s and out’s of modern dance,  but I felt a better when my disappointment seemed to be a common theme amongst the people during intermission. It didn’t help that this performance was 30 minutes long, while the rest were under 10.

The evening was 2 hours of an art form I’m unfamiliar with, and ended up being quite enjoyable. As someone who adores the arts, I can appreciate the effort, enthusiasm, and time it takes to pull such a performance together. Oh and Sarah, she did splendidly!

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  1. But the styrofoam heads were soooooo deep. So deep it surpassed my intelegt…see can’t even spell that word. Chris…. I have just come to the realization I am not an arty and will never understand that kind of stuff. I am proud of being a “redneck” farmer and will stick to the movies.

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