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It’s funny I know, but my trusty food blog has yet another art scene entry. The big difference is that this time it’s not dance. No, today a group of local bloggers were invited to a private showing of the new Art Gallery of Alberta. Not open to the public until the 31st, this was a welcoming sneak peek guided by Sarah Hoyles (Media Relations) and Gilles Hebert (Director).

The gallery is beautiful. Not your typical box, the building is inspired by the borealis and is made of four core elements; Zinc, Douglas fir, Steel, and Glass. With 60-70 percent more gallery space and double the amount of public space, it is definitely leaps and bounds from the old gallery. From the massive 3rd floor gallery which will open with the North American premier of Janet Cardiff and George Bures Millers installation: The Murder of Crows, to the striking first floor which holds an area for children and Francisco Goya’s infamous print suites: Los Caprichos (1799) and The Disasters of War (1810-1820).

The building moves in one continuous path from the inside to the outside, creating a very natural flow. This was describe in a really straight forward way; look at the average building downtown, and you have no idea what the interior looks like. With the outside of the AGA an extension of the inside, its beauty is open for everyone to see. Even the amount of snow held on the exterior of the structure has been taken into consideration. The basement houses gallery rentals and sales, a theatre, and four colour-coded rooms with access to the exterior for school groups and so on. There will also be three food establishments on site, an upscale restaurant (Zinc), bistro (Terrace Cafe) and a coffee bar in the basement

A wonderful space, and a truly wonderful tour, it left me at a loss for words. I learned so much today, and with it’s opening just around the corner, I hope it leaves you with the same feeling. From the state of the art climate system to the directors desire to have an open (cost-free) building, this afternoon was full of information. I can’t thank Sarah and Gilles enough for taking the time to show a few locals the goodies that are currently hidden within. I should also thank Mr. Edmonton himself, Mack Male, as I hear this process may have been started by a suggestion. Do go when you get a chance.

Art Gallery of Alberta
2 Sir Winston Churchill Square

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  6. We are huge art gallery fans, visiting them all over the world. I did not like my visits to the old Edmonton Art Gallery in the past. It was truly subpar. I have been so excited for this revolution over the last few years.

    We are heading out of town tomorrow, but will try and make it before then. If not we will certainly be at our new aga shortly upon our return. If we keep on getting great exhibits I have no doubt that we will be returning frequently.

    • Is there a better way to discover the world Michael, than to visit a gallery full of culture! 🙂 I’m even more curious to see what you think, with all your previous experience.

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