Does it Smell Like Toast?

This loaf, or something very similar, is part of my daily bread baking creations. Not only is it easy, but it develops great flavour (look at those roasted sesame seeds), and baking the bread in a french oven gives it a nice round and crisp exterior. Looks almost artisan no? Yesterday I was running errands, so after pulling the bread from the oven, I quickly snapped a picture and just left it on the stove to cool down. Makes sense right.

And I came home to this. Which I first noticed when I walked into the homestead and thought – It smells like toast, only burnt. Apparently, a fellow homesteader left the burner on low while making breakfast (look in the first picture, you can’t even see the gas it’s so low) and in my rush to exit the house I didn’t notice. So instead of cooling, the loaf received a solid burn. Oh well, at least the house didn’t burn down…Remember kids. For the sake of my bread, always turn the range off!

2 thoughts on “Does it Smell Like Toast?

    • It surprisingly wasn’t wrecked. I had to cut a bit off, but this hardy loaf is so crusty on the bottom from the dutch oven that it can take a serious beating. Had it been a regular/softer loaf pan bread, I think it would have been up in flames.

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