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Cora Breakfast and Lunch
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One of the strange things about blogging, is finding out whether my friends and family actually pay attention. By that I mean, I’d discussed my recent visit (here) to Cora’s with many people and did seem to get a lot of positive nods, and acknowledgments. However, with Cora Breakfast and Lunch making an appearance in last Saturday’s Edmonton Journal, I received a call from BP who asked if I’d gone. Uh? Didn’t I just tell you about this? Oh well, breakfast is breakfast I guess, so Sarah and I were back at Cora’s on Sunday morning.

Meeting BP and The Captain (who’s always down for breakfast) at Cora’s, Sarah and I arrived to find them already in line. Success I thought, as the line was already reaching the exterior door and this positioned us right at the front. The same friendly host as our first visit was taking names, and with some quick table turnovers, it was only a few minutes after arriving before we were seated in our booth.

While three of us ordered coffee, The Captain bucked the trend and ordered the smoothie of the day special. A mix of mango, pineapple, banana, and peach, it was pretty good. A quick sip, left me with a refreshing and crisp bite, but it lacked in all the flavours except banana.

BP ordered French Toast, which like all dishes comes with a pile of fruit. A little plain looking I think; really it was just a couple pieces of toast under fruit. The more I think about things here, it’s amazing what the colour of fresh fruit does for your appetizing eyes. It went over well and was eventually drowned in a mess of syrup.

The Captain ordered the standard Ham Eggs Benedict. With Sarah ordering this on our last visit, I knew what to expect and The Captain (who loves a straight forward bennie) wasn’t disappointed.

Sarah order the Two Eggs and Bacon plate, which surprisingly enough doesn’t come with fruit, so she added some on the side. What came was a hefty portion of potato (which tasted different than our last visit), two eggs and 4 slices of bacon. The bowl of fruit was huge, and included a good assortment, but could have used a mix before plating.

I opted for another round of Peggy’s Poached, hoping to have a better egg experience. This was the case, and my breakfast hit the spot. As a simple morning breakfast kind-of-guy, I love the option for one egg, a slice of toast, some cottage cheese and fruit. A perfect way to start the day, although once again, I could have done without the mound of toast. WTF!

The service on this occasion was mixed. While we were asked how we would like our eggs cooked and whether we would like our toast buttered (both things not asked on the first visit), the coffee refills were non-existent and once our order was placed it seemed our server had disappeared (even though I saw her walking around). Even our food was brought out by other staff members, including the delivery of a wrong order, which then then left Sarah with a blank slate while they put together the order. My thoughts are even more mixed after a second visit. The food itself is good (not great/bad) while the service has been spotty. Sure the fruit is nice (in my case, really nice) but will it be enough to endure the lineups.

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  1. I agree that the service is spotty… we went at around 2:30 pm, half an hour before closing (not being morning people) and the host looked at his watch and said “You’re only going to have about 20 minutes” before seating us. Either you are open or you are not… Although we ordered promptly our entrees did not arrive until 3:10, regardless.

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