Caffè Sorrentino – Edmonton, Alberta

Caffè Sorrentino
South Common
1417 99 Street

I can only shop for so long, or be part of any shopping experience for that matter, until I need a boost. Now, whether it comes in the form of food or coffee, really makes no difference. On this day, in the midst of shopping in The District (a name I was unaware of until now), coffee was the cure. And while there are plenty of mainstream options in South Edmonton Common, (Starbucks, Tim Hortons) I thought I would take the opportunity and stop in at the southern most location of Caffè Sorrentino.

Extremely quite when entering the restaurant, Sarah and I had our choice of seats and staff. A quick look through the standard offering of food items (we’d just eaten) left us with nothing to order but the usual round of americano’s. Just for the sake of things, Sarah added a couple of mini biscotti pieces and as you can see from the picture, they should have been called biscotti balls. The biscotti was ok, nothing really memorable besides their size It was appropriately crunchy, and carried a bit of nutty flavour down the gullet. The coffee was weak in my opinion, but totally drinkable.

A cozy little spot, we couldn’t help but notice that while it was dead here, next door neighbours Famoso were full. Who knows if that says something about Sorrentino’s offerings (paninis, pasta) or something different altogether. The staff were extremely friendly, offering a little insight into things – they’ve been open 5 months, and offer a smaller selection of prepackaged goods from what is available at the main caffè downtown. I also noticed a fair amount of information about franchise opportunities, so I imagine it’s only a time before the current 4 locations expands. I’m always willing to give a barista another shot at my drink, so if I happen to be back in the area, I’d consider stopping in.