The Pomegranate Cafe – Edmonton, Alberta

The Pomegranate Cafe
8612 99st
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Another day, and another coffee destination near Whyte Ave. Located in the same space as Tree Stone Bakery, The Pomegranate Cafe is really just a few tables and an espresso machine. Dropping by mid-afternoon, the bakery only had a handful of good and Sarah and I had the our choice of all four tables.

While waiting for our round of americano’s, we sat and inhaled the smell of fresh bread. I love that smell. You might think that because I bake bread everyday I would be jaded or on average-terms with that yeasty aroma, but no my friends. I love the smell of fresh bread! In fact I think being in bakeries only makes me miss the homestead that much more.

The coffee was below par. A little too cool for my liking, and didn’t really have the depth of a well pulled shot. I almost understand, being a local, organic and tiny bakery is obviously their first concern. However, if you are willing to create a little space for coffee, you are entering a game that seems to be growing every year. So while this isn’t the best coffee option, it might just be the best smelling place to enjoy a cup.

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  1. Too bad about the coffee…but I’m with you on the smell of fresh bread. Thanks for writing about it – I’ve been meaning to try the Pomegranate, but haven’t had the chance yet.

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