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Luzzara Coffee Bar
10011 82 Ave
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I’m beginning to think my self-imposed mission of uncovering Whyte Avenue’s coffee shops is going to be bigger than I originally thought. How I’ve continued to pass over Luzzara Coffee Bar is beyond me. Maybe it’s the location, as it’s tucked inside Top Gear Scooters, or just my lack of foot travel this far down. Either way, Sarah mentioned she had stumbled across this place during the week and on Saturday we took the opportunity to hit it up together.

A super cozy spot, the interior will only leave you with two tables and a selections of stools against the window bar for all your people watching desires. It’s the kind of place where you could (or should) get to know your neighbour. Stepping up to the counter,we mentioned the coffee bars tweet-of-the-day special – buy a latte and receive a second for half price. The friendly staff member (who we found out is also the owner) was delighted by our twitter discovery and informed us that we were the first customers to come in based on the this deal.

By now, you know that Sarah and I both americano drinkers. So, we were happy to hear this deal would also apply to us (hey it’s cheaper than a latte anyways, right!). Feeling hungry, Sarah added a vegetable panini for good measure. As we sat down to relax, we were able to have a great conversation with the owner (also named Sarah), who’s bright and outgoing personality was a nice treat. She soon delivered the panini which included, spinach, roasted red peppers, mozzarella and portobella mushrooms. Quite the tasty sandwich, but then again, I don’t think you can go wrong with roasted peppers. So sweet, so good! The americano’s were equally delicious and everything was served on a funky little tray with a biscotti treat for each of us.

Sarah was full of information about her little shop, answering all of my food questions. I learned that the soups, sandwiches and some of the treats are made in house, with other goodies coming from around town; Flirt Cupcakes, Good Earth Bakery, and the Italian Centre. She is continuing to test new food (more veggie/vegan offerings) and restaurant possibilities (knitting classes etc..) all in the name of drumming up traffic. A serious contender for my Whye Ave coffee dollars, I think Luzzara is a fantastic discovery.

7 thoughts on “Luzzara Coffee Bar – Edmonton, Alberta

  1. Love the place always a friendly hi. they do a delicious desert with rasberries

    and chocolate you just have to try it just ask, one is never enough.

  2. Personally, though the coffee is important, I believe in the whole package.
    Atmosphere in a European Cafe in any major city is a memorable experience, compared to our “third wave” coffeehouses here.

  3. Thanks for the suggestion P Keene.

    Sue, it is on the southside of Whyte and in a block from 99th. I could see the envirnoment being different if it was jammed up, but the location and maybe lack of foot travel left the coffee shop with no customers and that (along with a great americano) created a perfect afternoon stop.

    I suppose that thought can be echoed about more than just coffee as well H.Peter. We have such a tendacny with our food to eat-and-run, or eat-and-watch tv.

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