The Week That Was And Is – February 3rd, 2010

February, you bring both love and loneliness. Oh, and a groundhog or two!

  • Dinner With Julie, has updated Blog Aid information, and it looks like a huge turnout. In her words “Really, looking at that lineup I can’t believe we rounded up such a fabulous, generous and talented crew of people, all so eager to help”
  • Sharon, Only Here for the Food, seemed to remember the same NY Times article that was rehashed here in Edmonton. The joy of living in a ‘smaller’ city, we eventually get around to catching up with trends.
  • Chef Michael Smith became the fifth Canadian to do battle in Kitchen Stadium. Airing this past Sunday, Chef Smith did battle with the Flay man himself. With the ‘secret’ ingredient being avocado, I had high hopes that some delicious goodies would be created. It ended up being a fairly boring battle, although I could certainly dig into the soft shell crab club sandwich. Not really a surprise, Flay took the honours. *Side note, Chef Smith is still a dorky Eeyore to me.
  • A study of more than 1,000 school kids found many don’t know the origin of common food items. Some examples – Eggs come from sheep, crisps are made of plastic, butterflies produce cheese, beef burgers came from McDonalds or Burger King, that yoghurts were made using turkeys or ducks, ham came from the Co-Op, bacon from horses, goats or peacocks and cheese originated from butterflies, rats or mice. Priceless.
  • Have any of you in food land ever sampled one of these interesting hot-dog variations.
  • In preparation for Super Bowl Sunday, I figured a top ten list of bacon appetizers might find a few fans.
  • Mark February 9th on your calendar and clear your breakfast plate. Denny’s is offering a free Grand Slam breakfasts, from 7am-2pm, on what they have dubbed Super Tuesday.
  • As mentioned around town, a new Indian restaurant – Mystique India – is setting up shop on Whyte Ave. Too bad I couldn’t see in, when I walked by this weekend.

  • I saw my first Canada Donut this week. I don’t go to Tim’s that often as you may notice, so I’m curious what makes this special (other than the leaf sprinkles).

  • I also have to include, what is the best cottage cheese deal I’d ever discovered. 1KG containers of No Name 2% cottage cheese (normally $5.98 or 2 for$10) was on sale for 50 cents. So, as a cottage cheese lover, I bought 4KG’s for 2 bucks!!!! Breakfast, lunch and supper.

4 thoughts on “The Week That Was And Is – February 3rd, 2010

  1. That lady who blogged herself so successfully into the movie Julie/Julia actually took up an apprenticeship in butchering somewhere on the east coast.
    And of course wrote about it I think.

    Personally I appreciate a good butcher, but have yet to meet one with “rock star” qualities.
    In your neck of the woods, Dave from Ben’s Meats is my favorite. Always has a good cut of meat and excellent advise to go with it, when I visit.

  2. Of course. I don’t think I knew that, but it doesn’t surprise me. I just could stand her side of the movie. I need to get out and see Dave one day. Plus then I can sample a few goodies from the GFP.

  3. The China hot dog – that’s been on sale at Chinese bakeries in the city for years and years. Pop into Garden Bakery or Hong Kong Bakery… or even T&T’s bakery section and you’ll see them.

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