Café Dabar – Edmonton, Alberta

Café Dabar
10816 82 Ave (Whyte)

Needing to warm the body before seeing Crazy Heart at the Garneau last weekend, Sarah and I continued the coffee journey in and around Whyte Ave. On this occasion we ended up walking into Café Dabar, which besides drinks and food, also operates as an internet cafe.

Walking in to the empty cafe, the staff were soon bombarded by a wave of customers. The two staff seem surprised by the rush and gave off a bit of “oh no” vibe as customers placed their orders. We selected our usual (americano’s) and took a table across from the counter. Once the rush of orders was placed, our proximity to till allowed us to pick up on the fact that these weren’t an experienced team of baristas. The staff were operating in a checklist style manner when making the drinks, if that makes sense (syrup – check, flavour shot – check). I didn’t get the impression they would be comfortable slinging coffee at say Leva.

With the size of Dabar, it would be no big deal to get your own drink, so it was nice to see all the drinks delivered to their appropriate tables.  In reality, the coffee wasn’t that good; it tasted more like a really watered down cup of joe. Not what I want in my americano, but it did its job by warming up the body.

They also serve a selection of food items; sandwiches, sweets, wraps. Most of the items were in that cafeteria style 7 layer saran wrap cocoon, so while I can’t say anything specifically. I don’t know if you’re in for anything spectacular. If you need to pay for internet, or feel like a puffed wheat square, I think Café Dabar will fit the bill. If you are looking for coffee with art, keep on walking.

As a side note, they seem to be an a major yerba mate trip right now, with signs almost begging you to go down this path. I don’t know about you, but if I’m drinking yerba, I want to be at home so I can pull out my drinking gourds!