Kraft Dinner and Chopped Ham

If you follow along here, you’ll remember that I cracked open a can of Spam recently (see here). So when I discovered this can of Holiday Choppped Ham in the cupboard, I figured it was time to head down the mystery meat meal path again (say that three times fast). This version of pork was definitely more popular around the house when I was young, but in a family that rarely ate canned meat, it doesn’t say much. If I, however, had to guess why it was a more popular choice, my bet would be with the wording. Chopped ham somehow made it seem closer to the real thing.

The Kraft Dinner part of this package, was random and just seemed to fit into the ghetto meal that I was creating. Plus, everyone’s been known to eat a box or two in their day. Well the Spam was on rice, and this on pasta, but the biggest difference came with the ham. The chopped version didn’t look or feel as dense as Spam, nor did it fry up the same. Comparing the two meats, it’s a hands down victory for Spam; something that even surprised me. Now I’ll have to see how many other versions I can pit against Spam, and maybe crown a mystery meat victor.

One thought on “Kraft Dinner and Chopped Ham

  1. Canned ham and SPAM used to be a “treat” when I was growing up. As a kid, I’d turn my nose up and cross my arms with a nicely roast chicken, BBQ steak, etc. But canned ham! SPAM! Yum.

    Now this post of yours has triggered memory. Does anyone remember Tulip bacon? I think it was mostly salt with the flavour of bacon. It was sold in a can, wrapped in waxed paper, and you had to use a key to open the tin (much like SPAM and tinned ham). These keys always perplexed me, because inevitably it would go off course and I would be stuck with a half-opened can.

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