Big McChicken & Sea – Edmonton, Alberta

McDonald’s Restaurant (any location)
Millbourne Market Mall (Unit F6)
38 Ave & Millwoods Road

Blame the internet I say, because when I discovered the McGang Bang I knew it was something I had to try (see here). The problem with the resulting culinary adventure, was the brain storming session that took place afterwards. What else have people created? Are there other crazy concoctions we are all missing out on. You bet, take the McSurf & Turf, which is Filet-O-Fish stuffed inside a Double Cheeseburger. Interesting? Maybe, but I was hoping for more, and following along the lines of this, I think that I may have created what I’m calling the Big McChicken & Sea.

Knowing I wanted to add breakfast items to the Big Mac, I had to find that sweet window when breakfast becomes lunch. My first attempt was foiled, as I’d arrived too early (who knew they served breakfast longer on Sunday’s) and I left empty handed. My second attempt though, had me arriving right on time. In fact, I was so right on time that while I was trying to explain my order, the breakfast signs were being rotated to lunch. Boo yeah!

A fairly lengthy discussion with the co-worker, who thought this was crazy, and I was on the downward spiral of excess. The only stipulation was, I would have to wait for all the breakfast orders to be completed before it would be made. I was in a rush to clog the arteries and took my place along the counter. Once the last-minute rush of orders were complete (you should see the utter look of failure when people come running up only to discover breakfast is over), I stepped back up and walked the staff through my order.

At this point, all three employees gathered around and watched its creation..with more than a few giggles along the way. Starting as an every day Big Mac (sauce, onions, lettuce, cheese), I removed the bottom patty and replaced it with a Sausage patty and Filet-O-Fish patty. Back to the Big Mac formula (middle bun, sauce, onions, lettuce, pickle), before adding a grilled chicken breast and egg. I did ask for a folded egg, but unfortunately it was snapped up by the last customer. The giant sandwich didn’t fit into any of the boxes, but I gave the go ahead to squish everything enough to fit in a Double Quarter pound box. Seriously, best McD’s co-workers ever.

I asked for a napkins, a knife, and a coffee stir stick before heading to for my seat. The sandwich looked surprisingly good, considering all things, and I got down to the business of slicing it in half. A decent profile, no? The sandwich was huge, requiring me to open my mouth as wide as possible, and even then it was a stretch. All the flavours were there, but what surprised me the most, was the flavour disappearance of both the sausage and filet. Normally quite meaty, the sausage and fried fish were over powered by the Big Mac sauce. The chicken and egg on top worked nicely together and put up a better fight with the sauce. So…thoughts?

A decent burger, which rang in just north of 6 bucks (deal anyone!!). If I was to ever attempt the burger again, I’d consider (a) adding the Big Mac patties back in for that beefy flavour, or (b) removing the Mac sauce first and then see how everything works together. After this visit into McDonald’s, I’m beginning to truly appreciate the ‘Have It Your Way’ mentality.Now before I bloat up, I’m off to run or walk or maybe just curl up in a corner and ZZZZZzzzzz……

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  2. Sherman and I have an in-joke about this creation and, probably, we will order it one of these days. However, if time constrain becomes an issue, we might split the order, i.e., order the breakfast items before their cutoff time and order the rest after it has rotated and assemble it manually. Of course, that does not mean we won’t try to have *them* assembly it! As for my plans, it will be the following hybrid:

    Big Mac
    Quarter Pounder
    Angus burger (if available)
    Bacon + Lettuce + Tomato (from the BLT sandwich)
    Grilled chicken
    Crispy chicken
    Egg McMuffin
    Sausage McMuffin + folded egg

    I don’t want to know how many calories that mamooth will have. Most likely we will order it for fun and have a token bite (so we can say we had it) and throw in the towel! 🙂

    I can help myself wonder though: Should I go to Wendy’s instead and order the baconator + 3 additional beef paties + Premium Fish + Ultimate Grilled Chicken + Spicy Chicken breast? XD

    (I guess this should be filed under “Kids, don’t try this at home!”)

    • Good call on the don’t try this at home. You listed a lot of food Kim, I think at this point, you should just include every McD’s item.

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