Boston Pizza (UFC 109) – Edmonton, Alberta

Boston Pizza
378 Bulyea Rd

Saturday was was UFC 109, and without a decent group of people to support the high cost of buying the Pay Per View (PPV) at home, it was off to Boston Pizza in Terwillegar. Definitely not for everyone, I enjoy MMA in most of it’s forms; K1, Dream and the most popular UFC. Politics and taste aside, I invited Sarah along for what would be her first PPV event. Arriving early, we walked into the sparsely populate bar-side and paid our $10 entry fee. At the table on this night, were long time friends and fellow UFC fans, Pepper and Gilligan.

Pepper and Gilligan were already working on the appetizer platter; wings, ribs, huge chunks of cheese bread, massive pile of cactus cut fries, and three token celery sticks. There seemed to be quite the mix of heat in the pile of fries, ranging from nothing to “Whoa, every so often one of these fries bites back”. Gilligan would have you know that it was good to the last bit of cheese (hand in picture). 🙂

Sarah attempted to get a half-order of pasta, but apparently this wasn’t possible, so she decided on chili. Arriving with a handful of cheese already melting, and quite a bit of oil floating on top, the chili was so-so. Not as good as the Tim Horton’s version (which I find pretty good), it’s best feature was the slight kick of heat.

Not quite satiated after the very well sized appetizer platter, Gilligan went back to the menu and soon enough, he was digging into apple crisp. It smelled delicious, and the facial reactions tell me it was. Through out the night, prizes were also given away and I was the lucky winner of a Miller prize pack. It included a beer mug, bottle opener, and t-shirt. Too bad the t-shirt is a woman’s small. 😉

If you remove the TV problems in the bar (which resulted in a late start) and add in the average food and service, it was a decent place to watch the fights. Not as comfy as the couch at home, and not nearly as tasty, it was the friends and fighting that made this night exciting.