The Week That Was And Is – February 10th, 2010

With the middle of February creeping up, it’s only a matter of days before the start of the Olympics. Plus on top of that, a long weekend courtesy of Family Day (Ont, Sask, Alta only). Are there any Olympic events that you are looking for? Any plans for the day off?

  • I’m excited to say it’s time for another gathering of Edmonton bloggers and food fans a like. Sharon and I have finalized a few options, and would love your input. 7 or 8 months is a long time so it will be nice to see familiar faces and meet new ones. If you have any trouble with the wiki, just leave a message or pop off an email, and I’ll do what I can to help.
  • Interesting interview with Chef Michael Smith after his beat down on Iron Chef America. For a better read, just check out the thread on Chowhound.
  • Ever wondered what the personal cost of yesterday’s free Grand Slam was?
  • Paleo Diet anyone? Although I’m not sure about the increasing cost of such a venture.
  • Having made a few valiant attempts (60 or so wings) back in the day, I think Wing Bowl 18‘s, John “Super Squibb” Squibb’s 238 wing crown is a bit too many for one night.
  • Apparently too many people have trouble opening up those little Heniz ketchup packets, because we about to see the first major packet overhaul. I gotta say, they look better, but I think no matter what they do; fries make your fingers greasy. Which then makes opening up these things harder. Maybe they should include friction grips.
  • Did you go Superbowl crazy? Around the homestead it was a mix of green onion cakes, sausage, cheese, chips, and nachos. Pretty standard fare this year, as I didn’t really feel the inspiration I normally do. Probably because I’m still not over the Viking’s loss, which then explains why I left part way through for a round of Moksha.

  • I also created a few beautiful loaves of bread on the weekend. Both come from the same recipe, but I finished them in two different kinds of sesame seeds. The aroma was amazing.

  • With the internet being the internet, it took me a bit to track down last week’s No Reservations. Anthony made the trip across the pond and found himself in Prague. A fantastic journey of pig fat and bear, it made me sad to think I was in the planning stages for a trip over last year. And the 5th episode, which I watched right after, had Tony back in the US; Hudson Valley, NY to be more specific. Just 100 kms from Manhattan, it’s a whole different world. Crab boil anyone?