H & W Produce – Edmonton, Alberta

H & W Produce
South side Location
31, 9261 34 Avenue

There is no other way to say it, I do a huge amount of shopping at this little grocer. H& W Produce is one of the best, and well kept secret shopping destinations in the city. I’m lucky, in that I live minutes away, but don’t fret if you don’t live on Edmonton’s south side. This locally owned store has two other locations around our beautiful city.

Offering what I feel is some of the most competitive pricing in town, you’d be hard pressed not to find a fantastic deal. From apples starting at 59 cents/pound to 79 cent heads of lettuce to 25lb bags of onions for a couple of twoonies; this would put the big guys to shame. I also believe they offer one of the most ethnically diverse selections, with many items you would never see at the big stores.

I promise you, with one caveat, that if you go, you won’t regret. The caveat – with such huge discounts, the produce can be hit or miss. This is fine for someone like me as I tend to visit 4 or 5 days a week. But, if you are making the trip specifically for an item, you may be in trouble. While the apples might be stellar one day, they may be less so the next. That is the joy with this store; there’s always another day. Which also brings a new special; like grapes for 99 cents/pound.

Try it out next time you are around. Sure it’s not the brightest produce store in town (Save-On and Safeway take those honours), but then again, I don’t need my vegetables and fruit to be coddled like a 3 day old kitten. No sir-e-bob, this man is fine showing up, seeing what’s good on that particular day, and maybe even branching out with things I didn’t even know existed.

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  1. I loved H&W when I lived in Edmonton. A huge bag of produce for like 9 or 10 bucks. It’s not as cheap as here in BC, obviously, but a great deal for Alberta.

  2. Very true H.Peter.

    Jamie – It’s good too see someone with H&W experience. I’ve wondered how cheap the produce is in BC, as everything else seems a bit more expensive.

  3. Much, much, much cheaper. We have a small grocery store / large produce stand about a mile up the road from us (we’re in Langley) and, after six or seven months, we’re still shocked by the prices. Asparagus for $1.99/lb, red leaf lettuce for 59 cents a head, red peppers for 59 cents a pound, etc. Our grocery spending has dropped by about 20%.

    Everything else… is more expensive, it seems. Real estate might be about equal, but then there’s P-soon-to-be-HST, insurance is out of this world, gas is pricey, etc. Our hydro/energy bill is much lower though.

    I’ll take the weather and cheap produce, myself.

  4. Where does H & W get there produce from. I hear its locally grown, is this true? I just started shopping at H & W and i am blown away by how inexpensive it is. I spent $20 bucks there the first time i was there, the same would have cost me 70-80 bones at safeway or save on. Believing that if something is to good to be true it probably is. I just watched food inc. last night and now i am yet again paranoid and worried about everything i eat. So… where can i find info about H & W produce…. Organic, local, SGH’s… things like that?

    • Food Inc, is quite the movie too watch, especially if you are concerned about where your food comes from. I can’t confirm where the food comes from specifically, but I do notice organic labels, as well as plenty of Canadian stickers (BC Apples, etc..) so that might comfort you in some way. They do carry a fair amount of exotic fruit, so you’ll have to make a decision for yourself on that.

      One of the main reasons I continue to shop there Tony, is the price, which can’t be beat.

    • they get their produce from many places: could be as local as a farm within minutes of the city all the way to ordering from overseas! variety of both selection, quality and price are taken into consideration when the owners of this “small” produce store buy their stock. iv been shopping at the original location since the month it opened, and shop there aprox. once a week. I usually “hit” H&W first for my produce needs THEN pick up what i cant find elsewhere!!

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