Pugliese – Bread Baker’s Apprentice Challenge #29

I’ve been holding out on bread 29 in the Bread Baker’s Apprentice Challenge. Why? Well, I knew that once this bread was finished, it was elbow deep into the world of sourdough. It’s not like sourdough scares me or anything, it’s just that I haven’t had the time as of late and wanted to make sure my attempt didn’t go awry from the start. Finally though, the pugliese makes its appearance; and dear me, was it a good one.

The 3 day ferment, combined with semolina flour created a gorgeous flavour profile. A treat for sandwiches and toast, I’m happy to say a good-sized chunk ended up sacrificing itself to the world of cheese and butter. Another success indeed, it’s really no wonder it made Peter’s list. I suppose now it’s time to dig in on the sourdough.

7 thoughts on “Pugliese – Bread Baker’s Apprentice Challenge #29

  1. I’m guessing the cheese and butter part might have been the best! Congrats on the pretty loaves and good luck on the sourdough. I’m taking the challenge a bit slower, so sourdough is a long way off still for me.

  2. It’s pretty hard to go wrong with butter and cheese on fresh bread. There is nothing wrong about slow and steady; this book is quite the commitment.

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