Coney Island Candy – Edmonton, Alberta

Coney Island Candy
10345 82 Ave (Whyte)

Quite some time has passed since I last entered Coney Island Candy. In fact, I’m actually having a hard time remembering if I’ve gone back to this store since my first visit last May (see here). Has it been that long? But with a few of us out on the Ave last week, we decided to pop in. Still bright, coulourful and brimming with candy, it doesn’t look like much has changed.

A few new candy’s here, a few new candy’s there. The one thing I picked up on, was the increased selection of novelty items. While I still think this is a fun shop, I wonder if the addition of Bulk Barn in South Edmonton Common has seduced any of the bulk candy crowd away. I know this is a specialty store, something it does well, but the feeling of bulk candy awe was ten fold at Bulk Barn.

A great resource for those hard to find international candy’s, I wonder if any of you have found a special must have from here? In case you were wondering, yes, Charlie and The Chocolate Factory is still playing in-store. 😉