The Week That Was And Is – February 17th, 2010

So have you fallen deep into Olympic Spirit? Are you glad we’ve got the gold medal monkey off our backs? It’s amazing what kind of coverage you can find with the Olympics on home turf. From bloggers to phone apps, it seems like I’m surrounded by it. I only wish The Bay (and Zellers) weren’t sold out of so much stock. Apparently I waited too long to find a few pieces of gear, and now everything is 10XL. Oh well, onto the week.

  • I might as well start with more Olympic talk. I was very excited to see Kim’s post (I’m Only Here for the Food) about Alberta House. Having caught a CBC interview with the man behind the food last week, it was fantastic to see the results.
  • As mentioned around town. The Culina Family of restaurants is taking a second crack at the blog world. Will it last, who knows, but I’m curious if it turns into self-promotion or actual food knowledge for the masses.
  • Staying with Chef talk, Diane Begin who does PR for NAIT (among other things), tweeted that David Adjey is coming to town.
  • Fellow E-town blogger, Sharon, has written another article for Vue Weekly (where does she find the time?). This time it’s about Brett Roy and his love of all things chocolate.
  • If you like Anthony Bourdain, and you have XM radio, you’ll have to make sure you are near the dial on Thursday. Turn & Burn, is a new feature on the Martha Stewart Channel, and features Tony’s friend (and AMAZING chef) Eric Ripert. The show will run 5 weeks. Expect F-Bombs and food porn.
  • Another in your face image about the costs of obesity – Calories and Cost: Financial Figures Behind the Obesity Epidemic.
  • Are you giving up something for Lent? A recent top five list, says the hardest items are – coffee, meat, fast food, fried food, and dessert.
  • Seeing as how last night was Shrove Tuedsay, it called for pancakes. Known by many names including Fat Tuesday, Pancake Day and Mardi Gras, I have fantastic memories of my mother feeding the family breakfast for supper. In honour, I whipped up blueberry and banana variations. Cue the Jack Johnson.

  • Also in news from the homestead; I arrived home the other day to find a new popcorn machine. Not exactly stove top, we’ve stepped up into the big league.

With No Reservations on hiatus for a few weeks, we’ll have to wait a bit longer to see what went down in Ecuador.

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  1. Thanks for the shout out! I will have to say that, so far, that BBQ Beef on a bun has been the best I have had in terms of the fare available. So, you can say you guys are well represented! 😀

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