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Like most people I imagine, I have my favorite locations on the radio dial, and for the most part, my time is spent on either 93.9FM (CBC) or 102.9FM (Sonic). Throwing a bit of a curve ball into my question and answer series, I thought what a better way to discover one my favorite DJ’s, then through food. Rick Lee, if you don’t know, currently hosts the day time spot (10AM-3PM) and puts on a stellar face every day. Not just your average DJ it seems Rick may never sleep. Tune in on the weekend, and you’ll hear his review show. Head over to youtube, and you’ll find a long list of webisodes. Full of gusto and always striving to help you make it through the day, he took the plunge and answered a few of my regular questions and a few others he was willing to discuss! Thanks Rick.

Rick Lee

SONiC 1029 – ON AIR and host of the Modern Rock Countdown

How would you classify your cooking style/radio style?
Personable and I have my finger on the pulse on pop culture and local//world news. As for my cooking, the complete opposite.

*If you cook, who taught you how to how?*
Trial and error. My mom is a phenomenal cook so you’d think I’d be one, too. Not the case.

What are 5 kitchen ingredients/tools you can’t live without?
RiceRice cooker
The bottom left burner on my stove (I use that one the most)
Water (not from the tap)
I guess milk for my cereal

When did you realize that radio was your passion? And do you have any passions outside of radio?
I realized that radio was my passion in grade 4. Haven’t looked back since. My other passion outside of radio is movies, filming my webisodes, and everything pop culture.

What is your biggest culinary guilty pleasure, something the foodies would maybe frown upon? (think processed cheese slices etc..)
Ikea breakfasts – only $1
Old Spaghetti factory – the best deal you can get for under $10 – pasta, bread, tea, and ice cream

When feeling under the weather, what comfort food do you reach for?
Depends on the weather. Something warm if it’s cold and something cold if it’s warm.

Is there anywhere you would like to live and work from?
To do my show from Hell’s Kitchen would be fun. I don’t think Chef Ramsay would enjoy the Ikea breakfasts.

Anything you want your listeners to know, that they may never hear?
There are ways to get the most out of your meal. Get your date to order the refillable pop and just drink from that. It’s there’s non-stop bread, keep asking for it. Ask for little or no ice to get the most of your beverages.

*Bonus Round!*

Easiest food to eat while on-air?
There’s isn’t any unless it’s a beverage. Garner has that down to a tee with two Tim Horton’s every morning like clockwork….literally.

What does the Sonic fridge look like on an average day?
You don’t want to know. We can’t even keep our vending machines in order let alone the fridge.

Best interview
Andy Samberg, Gord Downie, Snow (my very first interview), Guy Berryman from Coldplay, Tom Morello

Worst Interview
Hmmm, interviewing every member of a band is tough like all four members of Metric at once

Beverage of choice on airplanes
Tomato Juice

Beverage of choice on the golf course

Favourite places to eat
Any Chinese restaurant (dim sum=yum yum), Swiss Chalet, Old Spaghetti Factory, Bento boxes

Sonic 102.9
Edmonton’s Modern Rock
Used Hubcap District
5915 Gateway Blvd.

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