Foods You Can’t Stop From Eating?

Saturday seems like the right day to bring this up. For many, it’s a day free form work. Besides starting with a bit extra sleep, we usually indulge in goodies normally skipped during the week. So on this Saturday, I’m hoping we can open our hearts and talk about that one item. The one item you can’t keep in the house without devouring. That one thing that you will just plow your way through if someone buys it. It could be a box of double fudge OREO’s. A loaf of raisin bread. Ritz crackers, or a maybe chunk of bleu cheese. For myself, it’s grapes. Strange…maybe, but with no word of a lie, I can put down 4 or 5 pounds of grapes in the time it takes you to shower. In fact, if these babies are in the house, you better believe you know where you can find me. Frozen or fresh, these delicious globes are my kryponite.

Now, hopefully you won’ t leave me hanging. Pull up a stool and tell me your story!

17 thoughts on “Foods You Can’t Stop From Eating?

  1. OK, Chris – just about to turn off my computer and your tweet came up…
    raspberries… cannot ever get enough of them… fresh from the bush… fingers purple from plucking, arms scraped from the thorns as I cannot resist getting that perfect berry from deep inside the middle of the bush.
    There you go.

  2. The food I can’t stop eating to my detriment is popcorn. Specifically, kettle popcorn from Sobeys that’s from a farm locally. I forget the name. I just know there’s a big pile of it at Sobeys usually for $2.50/giant bag (it’s about the same size as a “medium” of a Farmer’s Market fresh kettle popcorn.)

    That’s what I reach for if I’m not at the farmer’s market eating the fresh stuff.

    See, I don’t have a sweet tooth, I have a salty/crunchy tooth. But occasionally, that burst of sweetness is a wonderful surprise. So, the combination of popcorn, salt, and sugar is like the holy trinity of flavours for me.

  3. Congratulations, you over indulge on grapes… Oh to be so healthy. Cheddar cheese popcorn, can’t stop. If I lived near real fresh picked strawberries, they’d be second.

  4. Blueberries! I will buy as many of those giant boxes from the Farmers Market or Save On as I can get through during blueberry season. I am also a sucker for anything with blueberries in it blueberry muffins, blueberry cheesecake, blueberry juice…even if I dont like what it is in the first place! Blueberrie Pie for example…truely dislike pie but if you tell me its blueberry chances are I will have a piece just for the plump little berries in it!

  5. Anything cinnimmon flavored. And to make matters worse I am alergic to red food coloring so it is a double wammy. Gets me some large and in charge canker sores every time. But I will still eat it.

  6. You and my daughter!
    I echo the fresh picked strawberries and raspberry comments. But truthfully, it’s chips and dip. Something I almost never eat, but if they are there…

  7. Those “sweet cucumbers” purchased every Sat at the farmers market. The ones that look like they escaped from becoming dill pickles. Tossed with dill, a spoon-full of sour cream and a cap full of vinegar. Heaven with or without the dressing!

  8. Potato chips. Any flavor. I’ll eat a whole bag of potato chips. I feel as if I’ve tried every brand in the supermarket! My favorite as far is Herr’s brand, which unfortunately I can’t get here in Edmonton!

    Question to Chris: are you partial to red grapes, or do you like every kind?

    • Thanks Jane. It’s a toss up in grape land, but I’ll give you my top 5. Red grapes would probably sneak into first, followed by Green and Globe (so big and beautiful). 4th is the Black grape, which isn’t as consistently good so it’s hit or miss. Finally in last spot would be the Concord Grape; which is almost a bit of a luxury grape, and is one of the few grapes I can actually hold myself back from.

  9. Blueberry Mini Wheats, and no this is not one of those pregnancy cravings, it’s the only cereal i enjoy day or night, In fact I rarely eat them at breakfast, I can actually say I would pick them over ice cream.

    • Thanks for stopping by Tiffany. I was a big Mini Wheats fan as a kid, but I’ve never indulged in the blueberry version…maybe I’ll have to pick up a box.

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