The Week That Was And Is – February 24th, 2010

So do you have Vancouver 2010 mittens? Have you traded in your Team Canada hockey jersey? Have you lost your mind from all the coverage?

  • Edmonton Dining Week is back for it’s 7th attempt. Running March 5th to March 14h, I must say I appreciate all the menu’s being available well in advance. A nice change that I hope rubs off on the Original Fare group.
  • And, on the topic of dining out. Don’t forget about the local food gathering that Sharon and I are organizing. It’s quite the large group as it stands, so if you want a spot I’d recommend heading over to the wiki and signing up.
  • I mentioned last week that Vancouver blogger, I’m Only Here for the Food, had stopped by the Alberta House. This past week saw the continuation of his Olympic journey. Click on over and see what a few other ‘houses’ have to offer.
  • Apparently, the American Academy of Pediatrics has called for a redesign of hot dogs, to prevent choking deaths. A top 10 list of dangerous foods is included. WTF! That’s all I have to say to that.
  • I’m a little late to the party with this one, but like Denny’s recent breakfast special, IHOP offered free pancakes yesterday.
  • Speaking of Denny’s, I just read that – “continuing through the end of March, Denny’s is offering unlimited free refills of two of America’s favorites, French fries and pancakes, at participating locations nationwide. Valid 24 hours a day, seven days a week, the offer applies to any order of French fries or pancakes served with an entrée”. Holy Moly Pancake Man!
  • It looks as if a new fruit as been created by a retired farmer who combined a plum and a peach.
  • I’m taking another crack at a wild yeast starter. Starting with only flour and water, things are smelly and looking good! Who needs San Fran sourdough, I’m bringing E-town flavour to the mix.

The natural power of yeast. 100% rise.

  • The homesteads new popcorn machine has been put into play. I gotta tell you, seems pretty surreal to have this beast firing off popcorn.

Another week away from regular programming, but I’m getting excited for The Pacific on HBO. Seeing as Band of Brothers was pretty epic, I’m curious to see what Steven and Tom create this time around.

One thought on “The Week That Was And Is – February 24th, 2010

  1. I am really excited to hear houw your yeast compound works out. I actually do have a REAL San Fran sour dough starter – “stollen” by our tour guide from a famous San Fran bakery during our tour, and I got to have it. Lucky me! I have used it only once as Vanja doesn’t like sour dough. I love love love it, but it wasn’t sour enough for me… and my sample was too small (about 2 cups) to make too much… so it is growing… I have to learn a lot more about this.
    PS. When we go to London in march, I booked myself into Richard Bertinet’s kitchen in Bath for a whole day of bread baking learning. I have been baking it all of my life, but know so little about it. So, baby steps. Can’t wait!

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