Do You Subway?

I think whether it’s Subway or one of its many competitors (Mr. Sub etc.), we have all purchased the fast food submarine. With the huge array of options, submarines may be like snowflakes; a different sub for each and every one.

Maybe you are a six inch pizza sub kind of person. No, maybe a cold cut trio on parmesan oregano? Do you finish with salt and pepper..mayo or mustard? As far as I know, you might make it a combo with cookies and milk. So many options!

For me, it’s gotta be a turkey sub on whole wheat with a healthy mound of fresh vegetables (I love my greens). And, you better believe I’m asking for extra banana peppers. So..what’s your order?

5 thoughts on “Do You Subway?

  1. Depending on how hungry I am, I will go for either for the six inch or the footlong, honey oat as bread. As for meats, once again, depending on how hungry. For some reason, whenever I go to Subway, I tend to be a cheapo: I seldom go beyond the cheapest subs so I end up sticking with either cold cut, meatballs or ham. Regardless of the meat, all the veggies, including banana peppers and jalapeño peppers, sometimes extra green peppers. The only dressing I ask for is yellow mustard. I recall they used to have dijon (not honey dijon) but they don’t seem to have it anymore. I can be really simple at times! 😉

  2. Veggie or – if the location has it- a veggie max. That patty is tasty. Loads of vegetables, light on the lettuce, including peppers, pineapple if possible, and handfuls of olives. 6″, on brown or honey oat. The sweet onion vinaigrette is delicious.

    I like Subway/Mr. Sub/Pita Pit because I can see what I’m getting, and it’s pretty cheap. Subway was a staple of my weight loss.

  3. For the longest time I always (absolutely nothing else or any other combo) had a six inch seafood on italian with lettuce, cucumbers, and mayo. Eventually I branched out though and sometimes got a turkey on parmesan oregano with lettuce, cucumbers, red onion, and green peppers and sweet onio sauce. I still love my seafood though.

  4. Kim – Mustard is key. I often find myself dipping vegetables into mustard. Weird…maybe, but it’s delish!

    Peter – Spicy Italian w/ Bacon – Sounds like a winner.

    Jamie – I didn’t even know they had a veggie patty.

    Kyra – What’s in the seafood? I don’t think I’ve ordered anything other than a tuna sub before, which always seems like a lost cause, as I can make a mean tuna sandwich at home.

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