Oven Baked Ribs

To start I don’t cook, smoke, or bake a lot of ribs. They just never seem to be around the homestead. With that said, I was handed a massive mound of side ribs the other day and didn’t really know what to do. From what I understand, these are the ghetto version of ribs. More specifically, they are not as tender and will require a long cooking time.

Wet N' Ready

Without a smoker and/or a desire to fire up the BBQ, I figured it couldn’t be a bad thing to attempt most of the process in the oven. I chopped each of the four slabs into three pieces, which left one piece looking like ribs, one piece 50/50, and a tail-piece that was mostly fat and cartilage. Half of the batch was coated with a generic sauce, while the other half was dry rubbed.

Three Distinct Pieces in Each Slab

After a night in the fridge, I turned the oven on to 250 degrees and placed the ribs on racks inside of roasting pans. I added bit of water, before covering the pans with tinfoil. About four hours later, I pulled off the foil and things looked alright. Needing that BBQ char, I turned on the gas and warmed up a cast iron grill. Most of the ribs received more sauce before spending some time on the grill.



All in all, they weren’t that bad. The ribs were definitely not going to win me a southern BBQ competition, and they lived up to their ghetto name with all of the tail pieces basically garbage. Of course, I had to have sides, and Safeway was nice enough to sell me macaroni salad, potato salad, and three bean salad.

Thanks Safeway

Now my question for you. How do you cook your ribs?

7 thoughts on “Oven Baked Ribs

  1. Oh… Boil & BBQ is my family tradition. Always results in AMAZING! However, I’ve heard nothing but good things about ribs being done in a Slow Cooker. But they’ll end up on the saucy side. 🙂

    • Hi GeeBee,I remember ribs from my childhood being boiled first as well, and I didn’t even think about the slow cooker (I do pulled pork in it all the time).

  2. Slow cooker all the way for me! Throw them on with onions and garlic and all that is tasty before work on low and when I get home I put on some extra bbq sauce and in the over (winter) or on the bbq (summer) to get the crispness on the top. Bonus is that I freeze the slow cooker juices for a pork soup later on down the road! After doing this I dont think I could ever go back to the boil and bbq meathod!

  3. I made pork ribs the other day, as they were buy one get one free at Save On.

    I made a dry rub, mainly paprika with Italian spices,cumin, brown sugar, salt and pepper. I coated the ribs well, put them in foil and baked low and slow (300 for 3 hours). Then I made a bbq sauce, basically this on http://bbq.about.com/od/barbecuesaucerecipes/r/bl70927a.htm , but added some molasses and cumin. I turned up the oven, cut the ribs apart, sauced them up and baked for about 10 mins, until sticky. Really good. The bbq sauce truly is a ‘rib’ style, I would never put it on steak, but loved it with the pork ribs.

  4. My hubby came up with this one by kinda/sorta following a beef rib recipe but using pork ribs…and a bottled sauce…not the 17 ingredient one suggested. It seems the method of cooking is what we’ve been looking for… Heat oven to 450 and roast ribs for 1/2 hour…brush generously with a favorite BBQ sauce and cover with foil….allow to slow cook in a 175 oven for about 2 1/2 hours. We cut ours in individual ribs to increase the surface ares for the sauce to adhere to…but if you think you want to do a quick char finish on the Bar-b…that would be tedious…leave them in racks.

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