The Old Bread Factory – Edmonton, Alberta

The Old Bread Factory
#110, 4211 106 St
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Open since last July, The Old Bread Factory is one of the newer additions to Edmonton’s budding ethnic bakery scene. Along with the well established Italian Bakery, popular Portuguese Bakery, and the red bean filled Hong Kong Bakery, The Old Bread Factory is designed to show you what Mexico brings to the table.

Located just off the Whitemud in the aptly named Whitemud Crossing, The Old Bread Factory is reminiscent of the Chinese bakeries in town. With 95% of the goods stored in behind plastic doors, you select your sweets of choice with tongs and place them on a cafeteria tray. With enough time spent in Latin America, I knew what I was looking for, but figured a look through all the compartments was needed.

With my item of choice in hand (or on tray as it were), I also picked up a few other goodies to test out at the homestead. While having a brief conversation with the staff, I noticed ‘Mexican-style’ tamales in a slow cooker. Sold at a reasonable price, I making a mental note to come back and pick up a few of these corn husked goodies.  So what did I get…

Bread Pudding

Bread Pudding

Apple Empanada

Orange Cookie

Stuffed Cookie

And finally what I came for.


The treats were a mixed bag. The room temperature bread pudding offered a nice change of pace, as we’ve being eating our version warm from the oven. It’s heavier than the more common layered version, but retains the same classic taste. The apple empanada was sprinkled in sugar, and once cracked open, we were surprised to see a thing layer of apple compote. The crust was nice, but if you are looking for a filled turnover, look elsewhere. The orange cookie was drier than expected and lacked a specific flavour, which means it tasted fairly generic. Definitely not a sweet cookie. In fact, if you could get past all the crumbs you wouldn’t feel so bad eating a few. The stuffed cookie was a real treat and was easily the sweetest of the group. Two wonderfully spiced cookies, acted as a backdrop for the cream filling. Something to spoil yourself with I think. Finally, the concha..and this sweet bun didn’t let me down. Almost an exact copy of the treat I so thoroughly enjoyed in many parts of Latin America. This treat is drier and more dense than you might expect. More times than I can count, this delicious bun has caused some dry mouth’ve been warned.

With so many standard bakeries in town, it’s good to see another specialty shop open. Why not stop by the next time you are on the south side.

7 thoughts on “The Old Bread Factory – Edmonton, Alberta

  1. You missed the best part there – the bread. The diamond shaped loaves, often by the register, are a lovely, light and slightly sweet white bread. They are the exact of the ones I’ve enjoyed in Mexico.

    • I’ll be back for bread, but as a daily bread baker, I’m usually up to my head in yeasty goodness as it is. Maybe when I go back for the tamales.

  2. Having had more than my share of Mexican baked goods, these make me long for the treats of my childhood. All of these are things I used to eat a lot of, the conchas being my all-time favorite. Unfortunately I can’t get any of these things over here.

    By the way, Cheryl is right you definitely have to try the bolillos- they are the best bread for making Tortas.

  3. The Bakery doesn’t exist anymore. Signs in the window, space for lease. I have no idea if they just moved or went out of business.

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