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Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria
11750 Jasper Ave
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When Sharon and I were discussing possible locations for our third gathering of food bloggers, Famoso easily fit the criteria. With pizza being the food of choice here, and so many of us having pizza parties as kids, or ordering takeout for a quick weeknight meal, who wouldn’t enjoy the setting. With some surprise though, it ran away in the pre-event voting, and soon enough we had a table of 20 booked for a night of pizza-mania.

With location being a key factor in the restaurant criteria, we ended up at the original, and main, location on Jasper and 117th street. The smallest of the 3 establishments (2 more are in the planning), it always brings back great memories of the first time I sat down to enjoy pizza here. Offering a thin, hand tossed pizza which is advertised as 11 inches +/- an inch, and then fired in a very hot 900 degree oven, you’d be hard pressed to find another example of this in the city. The self serve style ordering also played well into the evening and makes for an easier transition into the food as people could order what they wanted when they wanted without being pressured at any specific time.

While the very classic margherita pizza has seduced me back on many an occasion, I figured this gathering was reason enough to try a new pie. Although this became more of a challenge after realizing I’ve almost sampled every pizza offered. Eventually I decided on the Vesuvio with fresh mozzarella, fresh basil, cracked red pepper and spicy sopressata. It was fantastic. The spicy sausage and pepper was exactly what I needed on this evening and it took less than 10 minutes to put the entire pizza into my belly. I think I might have been the only person who devoured their pizza, but what I can I say, when it’s good, it’s good.

I was unaware that Wednesday evenings are wine night, which meant; any glass of wine that was purchased was accompanied by a free bruschetta plate, as well as free samples of wine delivered through the night. Having had the bruschetta before, I can say it was something I’ve always enjoyed, and while the free samples of wine were not at out of the norm, the crew at Famoso did break out a reserve wine for our group. As well, our giant table was given the luxury of sampling two nutella pizzas; one with banana and one chocolate. A nice touch on the evening, but something I hear isn’t unusual for larger groups. A few other pictures from the evening;

Lots of Pizza Action

Free Wine Anyone?

Yum Garlic!

Even the Salad is Delicious!

Spicy Thai = Interesting

Nutella & Banana Pizza

Nutella & Chocolate

With one long table in place, it wasn’t conducive to meeting with everyone, yet after spending three hours with the small group around me, I don’t know if I would have changed a thing. The conversation and laughter that erupted between myself, Bin, Diane, Maki and Lucy, was more enjoyable than I can put too words. I look forward to a similar opportunity with everyone else at another time. The service was amazing, and their product shined as it always does. Without a hesitation in my mind, this evening confirmed two things; 1) Famoso is a great place to visit for couples and groups alike, and 2) we have an amazing group of locals I hope to meet up again with sooner than later.

Finally a bit thank you to Sharon for continuing to be such a key player in the local food scene.

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16 thoughts on “Famoso Meets Bloggers – Edmonton, Alberta

  1. Great write up. I agree about the great local goodie community we have that’s extremely passionate.

    Small correction: Lea, not Lei. 🙂

  2. You know Chris, I was half hoping you’d break out the rumored catsuit from Meetup #2. haha 🙂

    Pictures are looking good too!!! Love the pizza assembly line pic.

    • My bad, I totally forgot about the cat suit. I’ll make sure that the next time, I don’t have it at the cleaners. 😉

  3. Wow, that pizza looks good! See, there are things you shouldn’t envy from us in Vancouver! Now, if you could let us know your next food bloggers meeting, who knows, some of us might be tempted to “invade” your space! 😉

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