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Thai Valley Grill
#149, 4211 106 St
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There are those moments in life when the stars just don’t align; and getting together with Ms. W for a long overdue supper date was one of those moments. People are busy, phone calls are missed, and the chance to eat and catch up just gets farther away. Finally though, the moment was right and we able to cross paths this week.

Deciding on Thai food, we settled on Thai Valley Grill for it’s close proximity and because Ms. W just so happens to be quite fond of the family operated business. With my dinner date running late, I was able to sit and take in this cozy restaurant. Only a few tables, many of which were occupied by regulars, are available and fill up quite quickly; almost begging you to call ahead if you want a guaranteed seat. The standard enticing Thailand photos are on the wall, with beautiful beaches, but it’s still easy to stay grounded with the unattractive parking lot looming out the window.

I ordered a pot of tea, and flipped the menu. Pretty standard Thai fare, from the chicken curry to salad rolls and Pad Thai. Eventually Ms. W arrived and we were ready to order.

Salad Rolls

Fisherman Soup

The salad rolls here are good, and while I know they are easy to make at home, it can be such a pleasure to chomp down on them when you are out and about. I ordered Fisherman Soup and it was OK. Not as good as my recent soup at Syphay, I could only find one shrimp (which was overcooked), a few pieces of squid, and a thin piece krab. Maybe it’s just me, but I find too many seafood soups lacking in seafood..why not call it spicy mushroom soup with A prawn and krab. The broth was good, and provided a good amount of heat as per my request. The red curry tofu was quite sweet, with perfectly softened vegetables., and required a bowl of regular rice to soak up the sauce. Finally the shredded green papaya salad. Quite refreshing, the mix of chili and lime is a nice change from the standard dressing. I could have probably eaten this by the bucket, and I’ve started to think this salad is almost like coleslaws cooler, older brother.

Gaeng Ped Pak Curry

Som Tum Thai

The food on this evening was good. Nothing I would stand up and shout about, but it did its job by providing a nice backdrop for the evening. The service was distant, and spotty, and we were eventually asked to leave as they had booked another table. So while Thai Valley Grill serves up decent Thai food, and was a nice change of pace for catching up with Ms. W, I don’t know if I’d be back on a regular basis without a few changes.

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  1. I can’t agree with you more Chris… Seafood is usually quite a stretch. I ordered a seafood salad at a Japanese restaurant recently and it was just shrimp and imitation crab. Wasn’t bad, but that is hardly seafood!

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