The Week That Was And Is – March 10th, 2010

With the post Olympic rush finally back under control, and motorcycles already out, it seems life is returning to normal in Edmonton.

  • Lots of talk on the web this week about the upcoming Grilled Cheese Olympics. Being put together by the Slow Food community in Edmonton, contestants can compete in the classic or contemporary category. The deadline to enter is today and will cost you $20, but if you want to watch on Sunday it will only dent your pocket book by $2.
  • NAIT is doing a fantastic job in promoting their culinary scene, and with David Adjey coming to town, you can follow along and ask questions on Twitter one night and enter to win an exclusive luncheon with the man they call the Canadian Gordon Ramsey on another
  • With a recent website update to local El Salvadoran restaurant, Acajutla, I think Food Network Canada should consider meeting them to discuss another season of Family Restaurant. Just imagine the dynamics if the website isn’t pulling our legs. *the website is really bright, guard your eyes*
  • Mirabelle’s in Edmonton is closing.
  • Quite the burger talk has erupted on Liane Faulder’s blog. With suggestions for the best burger ranging from the cheap to the expensive, the most surprising comment came from the Delux Burger Owner who used the opportunity to sell his product. Nothing like getting involved in an internet spat..someone is bound to get pwned!
  • Would you turn your wife’s breast milk into cheese and then serve the locals… because New York City chef and new dad, Daniel Angerer did just that.
  • New signage has been placed outside the soon to open second location of Transcend Coffee on 109th street.

  • Just a few feet away from the new Transcend, is Edmonton’s newest sushi joint; Kabuki. If you’ve already been, do share your thoughts.

  • Last weeks No Reservations saw Tony in Ecuador. Finding himself deep in the world of fresh seafood and quality home cooking, this is yet another reason why I would love to find myself writing, traveling, and eating.

2 thoughts on “The Week That Was And Is – March 10th, 2010

  1. Thanks for the post, Chris!

    I can’t wait till Transcend opens! I pass that sign all the time, and I’m getting impatient! It will definitely be interesting with Da Capo and Transcend on each corner of the block.

    We went to Kabuki last Friday… I took some pictures, but I was hesitant to post anything since they had only been open for a couple days. As was (sort of) expected, service was incredibly shaky, and they were actually still unpacking some boxes of dishes, glasses, etc. Our biggest issue though, was that they served the sashimi on a plate of ice, so the fish was way too chilled, and sort of grainy. Maybe I’ll post the pictures from our visit, with a note that the place was brand new.

    See you Tuesday at NAIT!

    • Thanks for the quick update! With Da Capo around the corner and Leva a few blocks away, I hope it proves healthy competition only makes our experiences better.

      I can understand a few new restaurant glitches, but I always hope new restaurants (especially ones serving raw fish), come out of the gates strong..and yes sushi on ice..not exactly a gold star moment.

      See you at NAIT.

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