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The Cheese Factory
8943 82 Ave
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Feeling the urge for curds, I made my way on over to The Cheese Factory last week. Located on the edge of Edmonton’s small French community, this restaurant and store offers an assortment of goodies, but it’s main focus if you can’t tell by the name is cheese.

The store itself is small, and with a few customers in front of me, I was able to peruse the coolers and shelves. I also poked my head into the restaurant (one customer), as I’ve never taken the opportunity to actually sit and eat. The line disappeared within seconds it seemed, so my window shopping/restaurant creeping was cut short. Deciding to sample more than just the curds, I asked about the beer cheese located near the till. Apparently, it’s an addictive cheese and was told that once I tried it, I’d be hooked. Ah what the heck, throw some of that in as well.

With the curds and beer cheese in the bag, I ordered a medium poutine. You’d think that with the poutine being advertised as Best in the West I would have sampled this treat. Then again, these self promotional ‘best of’ tag lines make me nervous, and I’ve always left The Cheese Factory poutine-free. But with the curds made in house, its gotta be decent right? With a few minutes to waste until my poutine was ready, and no customers around, I chatted up the man behind the counter. I discovered that along with the house made cheeses, they also bake some of their own bread. Cheese and bread, how French! Heck, let’s add a roll to the mix.

With my plastic bag now loaded with cheesy goodness, I was out the door. The container of poutine was loaded. It wasn’t as if the top layer of curds gave way to fries and gravy. No, who ever dished out the curds in the kitchen, mixed a huge amount through the entire plate. With a delicious portion of skin on fries, I was happy to find the dish wasn’t drowned out by the light brown gravy. Even after some time had past, I loved that the curds did not turn into a gooey mess and still offered a bit of bite. Whether they are good enough to be considered Best in the West, is a debate that could rage on for years, but they are certainly the best I’ve had in town.

There isn’t much to be said about curds that hasn’t already, so it was no surprise that after cutting open the package at home, these delicious curds offered the required flavor and squeak. The beer cheese surprised me by being like pull cheese. The stringy texture added a ‘fun’ factor to the cheese, and was best if you let the cheese warm in your mouth for a minute before chewing. I don’t think I’m addicted to the cheese, but would easily recommend you make a visit the next time you are feeling the urge for curds. And even more so if you’ve never had the joy of squeaky cheese!

10 thoughts on “The Cheese Factory – Edmonton, Alberta

  1. Love, love, love the beer cheese. So salty and chewy. We pick it up at the farmers market all the time, just because it is more conveinient than getting to the store. It cooks interestingly, browning without melting, still very tasty.

    • Do you know what; I don’t remember how much it was exactly. I think the three sizes (sm/med/lg) were in the 5-12 dollar range. It was a solid portion, that’s for sure.

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  3. You should try dining in the restautant sometime for some of the non-poutine items. My wife and I went here for dinner after watching Guy Fieri visit a Yugoslavian restaurant on Drive-ins, Diners & Dives — the Cheese Factory has similar menu items to the restaurant on the show, and we had a really tasty meal. I particularly like the spinach filled Burek, the Ćevapi sausage and for dessert the Tufahija (apple filled with nuts).

  4. Thank you for the great information.
    I will definitely visit next time I’m in Edmonton. Being from Eastern Canada, we find the cheese curds everywhere there, however, since we’ve moved to Alberta 5 years ago, we haven’t been able to find them anywhere here, until I picked up a package of the curds at a Winter Carnival in St-Isidore, AB.
    I’m very delighted! I wonder if I can buy a whole case!!! LOL!!!

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  6. Went to the cheese factory the other day, wasnt impressed with the portion, fries ( generic) and thin gravy.
    I try poutine everywhere i can and in Edmonton so far, La Poutine is good and so is Hudsons in WEM.
    Check them both out!

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