Old Country Meat & Deli – Edmonton, Alberta

Old Country Meat & Deli
6328 106 street

Taking stock of my haggis situation yesterday, I realized the freezer was running on empty. The one and only solution for this; another visit to see Todd at Old Country Meat & Deli. Located between Whyte Ave and the south side Italian Centre, this humble meat shop is a fantastic place for conversation and meat treats.

I entered the shop while Todd was chatting with the chef from O’Byrne’s (local suppliers for the win), and within seconds felt like a welcomed guest. The ever personable man, Todd and I were soon chatting about making fresh blood sausage to bartering for goods (I maybe just be baking this man some bread). Trying to sample something new every time I visit, I skipped past the fresh scotch eggs, mowbray pies, and went straight for the frozen section. Realizing you can buy already sliced haggis (a good way to manage waste) and with just myself eating this delicious treat, I opted to go this route. I also picked up a package of blood sausage and full sized steak & kidney pie as he was out of personal offerings.

Besides the standard ‘English’ offerings, Todd is serving up a massive array of sausages. From fresh chorizo, to wild rice sausage, to hot Italian sausages, the list almost seems endless. Next time you need or want to branch out, I suggest a visit. Heck you might as well pick up some double smoked bacon while you are at it. Oh and the last picture; Todd threw in a smoked ham hock as I was leaving. So my question to you – What shall I do with it? The options are probably all over the place from soup to soul food…but I’m all ears…or hoofs as it is.

7 thoughts on “Old Country Meat & Deli – Edmonton, Alberta

  1. I vote for the black eyed peas and smoked ham hock treatment not that I’ll be invited over for any but that’s what I’d do

  2. Michael and I visited Todd this past Saturday and picked up some fresh and very delicious cumberland sausages for our Sunday breakfast. They were, by far, the best bangers we’ve ever had.

    We’ve been going to Old Time Country Meats now for well over year. We were introduced to it for bacon rashers, which are equally yummy.

    Todd himself is a character… the type of fellow you’d see profiled on a cooking show.

    How about channeling The Exorcist, and cook up some split pea soup? You can never go wrong with a recipe from Canadian Living: http://www.canadianliving.com/food/classic_pea_soup_with_ham.php

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  5. I used to go to school just across the street at Allendale. We used to go there between class for the cookie bars, and then at lunch for the beef jerkey. Always had great service and food!

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