Arby’s Menu Creation- Edmonton, Alberta

Arby’s (any location)
10376 51 Ave

After two McDonald’s creations (here and here), I realized that there was no reason to let McDonald’s have all the fun. I mean, there are plenty of fast food joints through the city, why not branch out. This brings me to Arby’s, the estranged uncle of fast food. Offering what many consider mystery meat, my fondest memories of horsey sauce remind me of Ray Charles and the 5 for $5 meals back in the day. Mr. Charles has since passed away, and you can no longer get a deal nearly as sweet as 5 for $5..but the mystery meal prevails!

With no customers what so ever, I wondered if my order would be made in a timely manner. This crew must have been waiting for a customer, because they were extremely efficient, polite and on the ball. I dare say, plenty of restaurants could take a few tips from this group. As I left I couldn’t help notice the message on the bag as well; Arby’s is clearly trying to promote it’s niche brand of fast food.

Beef n' Cheddar

Chicken Breast Fillet

So what did I order? In my attempt to recreate something similar to the McGangBang, I settled on a Beef n’ Cheddar and Chicken Breast Fillet. The Beef n’ Cheddar comes on an onion bun, and besides the roast beef, has nacho style cheese and Arby’s own BBQ sauce. The Chicken Breast Fillet was on a sesame bun, and included a breaded breast, two paper thin slices of tomato’s along with a sprig of lettuce all topped with a healthy glob of mayonnaise.

Taking the Beef n’ Cheddar apart, I poured on a packet of Arby’s Sauce and Horsey Sauce before removing some of the beef, layering the chicken sandwich in and placing the removed beef back on top and finishing the package with the cheese soaked lid. I’m proud to present my newest creation; the Arby’s Beef n’ Breast.

I don’t know if I should be surprised any more, but these fast food concoctions are actually pretty damn tasty. I’ve never had the chicken sandwich from Arby’s, and this may be the best offering out there. The chicken was seasoned better than McDonald’s and was the strongest initial flavour. After a few chews though, the cheddar and thin slices of beef started to flourish. The lettuce and tomato easily disappear in the mix, as does the sesame bun from the chicken sandwich. With the entire package having a similar squish coefficient as my previous creations, this sandwich is easily conquered and will fill you up for hours to come.

4 thoughts on “Arby’s Menu Creation- Edmonton, Alberta

  1. I hate to say it, but that looks really tasty. It brings back memories of long ago when I worked there and the creations we’d make on those very quiet nights when the manager wasn’t looking.

    • I worked at McDonald’s in high school Carol, so it’s always nice to hear about the creations that fellow fast food coworkers created. Did you have a favorite?

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