Rolymie Bakery – Edmonton, Alberta

Rolymie Bakery
1083 Knottwood Road East

I’m going to start this post by saying, Filipino cuisine falls into the ‘rarely ventured’ category. Even with close Filipino friends, I rarely, if ever, get to enjoy the food of this multi-island country. When Anthony Bourdain visited the Philippines last season, I related to his experience almost instantly; for a country that is well represented by population, they are, without a doubt, highly underrepresented in the food world. So, after years of eating lechon and the occasional pancit, I bit right away when I was pointed in the direction of Rolymie Bakery in Mill Woods.

Taking up the corner of a very run down Menisa strip mall, this bakery/catering hall/restaurant is not in the prettiest of areas. I was told that even if there is a party or event running, to just enter through the side door where I would be able to select from an assortment of goodies. With no traffic in the area, I still opted for the side door as I didn’t want to make a grand entrance into an unknown party. Nothing says awkward like a strange white guy walking in unannounced 😉 To my surprise, the entire place was quiet and dark, with only a teenage child behind the counter. While he yelled for his mother, I quickly looked at the menu and thought..oh shit, how do I decipher this one.

With most of the menu looking like gibberish, I made quick work of the mothers knowledge as she politely accepted my request for a run down. After hearing deep fried pigs leg, I stopped her right away and asked to start with that. Not knowing how much of a meal this would make, we kept going through the list and eventually flipped a coin between fried fish and beef stew. The stew won. With a 20 minute wait for the food, I had time to run next door to the convenience store and pull out cash for my order.

Packing my goods up, I was soon on my way out the door and inhaling the perfume of perfectly fried pork fat. I have to say, watching the crew at Rolymie plastic wrap just about everything they sold during my short stay, I shouldn’t have been surprised to find my beef stew wrapped. Maybe an after thought for many, this shows some serious understanding when it comes to liquid takeout!

Crispy Pata

Kalderetang Baka

Opening the containers, both looked and smelled delicious. Thinking the portion of pig was absolutley gargantuan, I was relieved in some ways to find a good portion of this container full of bone. The stew, was also slightly deceiving with regards to the sliced peppers, because after pouring the dish into a bowl, I discovered they were not mixed throughout.

Mouth Watering Fat!

No More Veg!

The Crispy Pata was exactly as it sounds. Fried to a crisp on the outside, the inside was succulent chunks of fat with the occcasional slice of meat layered in. This dish probably seems like straight fat (which it basically is), but the boiled and then fried leg yields a tender and gooey fat that will not give you any resistance. Seriously dangerous, you could snack on the skin for hours. The Kalderetang Baka was equally delicious. The beef wasn’t fall apart tender and required considerably more chewing than the pata, but nothing extreme. The potatoes were perfectly cooked, and the token peppers were a lovely addition. The sauce was a mix of sweet with something else, and was strangely addictive. It was nice to bat 2 for 2 on my first visit.

After discovering another Mill Woods gem, and a Filipino one to boot, I’m already excited for my next visit! The toughest decision may be what to try.

P.S. – Was I supposed to pour the baggie of liquid over the meat? I opted to dip pieces of meat and fat into the liquid and it seemed to work well…


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    • Mill Woods is an area on Edmonton’s southside. It has quite the history for being a rough area..but it’s full of these gems. If you are coming up on the QE2 highway, you want to hang a right on 23rd Ave (east bound) but there is construction with the overpass, so you can cut through South Edmonton Common or make the turn at 34th Ave. Knotwood road is a bit wonky as it snakes around, but the strip mall faces the street so it’s not too difficult to see once you are in the area.

    • Thanks Isabelle. We definitely don’t have the best city for transit, but maybe we can create little get together at one of these joints and car pool..or write it off as CBC research!

  1. So glad you had a chance to try it, Chris! I agree, Filipino food is very underrepresented in the city. Crispy pata is my favourite at family parties and not too sure about that particular baggie of liquid, but I’m fairly certain you were correct to dip it in there. Wouldn’t want to mess up the cripsiness of the pata =)

    • Any dishes worth going back for Jane? Other restaurants to visit for Filipino goodies?

      And I agree, you don’t want to lose the crispness of the pata!

  2. My friend is from the Philippines and there isn’t much to choose from in Vancouver. It’s in Mill Woods eh? Next time I’m in Edmonton…

  3. I’d recommend the daing na bangus (deep fried marinated milkfish) and of course, adobo (slowly cooked pork or chicken in soy sauce and vinegar), widely considered as Philippines national dish. As for restaurants, the only other two i can think of are Fat Jakk’s and Palabok House. Rolymie is probably the most authentic of the three in terms of Filipino food, as the other two are heavy in Chinese and other Asian food. Millbourne mall also has Little Asia Noodle House, a takeaway place for a quick lunch or dinner. Hope that helps!

    PS Have a very happy birthday (and birthday meal!)

  4. I would say, Rolymie is the #1. I cooked good dishes too, like everyone says. But I defenitelly recommend Rolymie instead… haha funny ehh. I recommended Rolymie with all my caucasian co-workers and friends…

  5. I found your Food Blog on Chow Hound and I wanted to thank you for the wonderful review of Rolymie Bakery. Rolymie Bakery is run by my family (cousin). I’m from Calgary and we also have a location in the NE – Whitehorn Area, but not as large as the one in Edmonton.

    The sauce in the baggie is a dipping sauce made of Vinegar, garlic, soy sauce and other spices. This is to dip the Pata in so GOOD JOB 🙂 I love it so much I let the meat soak in it for awhile!!!!

    Thank you again and I have FWD your link to my family so they can enjoy this wonderful review!!! Much Appreciated..

    PS- Try Kare Kare ( Peanut Stew so yummy)

    • Thanks for the confirmation Cece; I’m glad I went with my gut on the sauce.

      I’ll be sure to have a taste of the Kare Kare, as anything that combines peanuts and stew, sounds delish.

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