Good Earth Café – Edmonton, Alberta

Good Earth Café
9942 108 Street

Finding myself downtown for a disability management course at the WCB offices, meant I started thinking about my lunch options before I even sat down in my swivel chair. Having spent a few years in the area in the past, I was aware of the basic options (Subway/Treats/Tim’s) but was looking for something more.

My two course partners for the day, Clonde Sirena and The GR ended up looking to me for a bit of direction and after a brief chat during our morning break, we agreed to skip the adventurous ideas and visit Good Earth Café.

This Alberta born café and bakery bills itself as going the extra mile when it comes to your standard street corner bistro fare. From home made cookies and squares, to gourmet pannini’s and hearty soups. Walking right into the 12 o’clock rush, we took our spot in line and wait patiently for our first look at the food. While the line did move at a steady pace, I wasn’t sold on the setup. Not getting to look at the food before you hit the counter area (prices are listed, but it’s done in very generic categories = sandwiches/soup/muffins) means some people may feel panicked or pressured at the last minute.

Pulling my camera out as we neared the till, I was sharply interrupted by the man in charge who was making it known he was not happy about my pictures. Telling me from across the counter, the café was not a public place and it was against the law and privacy acts etc.. *shrug* Snap, Snap…With a few quick seconds to consider our choices, we all placed our orders. The GR picked up baked pasta primavera, soy latte and cranberry blondie. Not feeling like a heavy meal, I ordered minestrone soup to go along with my Americano. Clonde Sirena picked up a grilled veggie and hummus panini with a side of marinated vegetables.

Neither Clonde or The GR seemed to think their meals were fantastic. The pasta was on the bland side, which made the overall dish a little boring. The panini again seemed like it lacked something, which Clonde seemed to think was a drizzle of balsamic vinegar while the marinated vegetables were your average grocery store variety. My soup was tomato heavy, with a side of tomato. In fact, even the beans which were mushy after their time in hot pot, tasted like tomato.

The lunch did it’s job of providing the necessary nutrition, but with average food and below average attitude, I wouldn’t be in a rush to come back the next time I’m downtown.


2 thoughts on “Good Earth Café – Edmonton, Alberta

  1. I didn’t realize this was a chain. I always see the one close to the University. Good review, do you know if the university location one is of the same quality?

  2. I’ve had similar experiences there. Its sad because I had high hopes for it when it first made its debut. The food is usually just so-so and way overpriced for the portion sizes if you ask me. The mac and cheese usually satisfies, but the pasta does tend to be overcooked.
    I stick to coffee and the baked goods which are decent, although for some reason they can never manage to make me a HOT latte, it always is just warm.

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