Sit & Chat – Edmonton, Alberta

Sit & Chat
10049 156 St

With Irie Foods keeping my stomach full of Caribbean treats on Edmonton’s south side, I haven’t had the need as of late to venture out to the handful of island offerings in and around our city. But, with a weekend stop at Ben’s Meat, I took the opportunity to visit  Sit & Chat, located across the street, and have  a taste.

Stepping out of the car and snapping a few pictures, I noticed the offerings included roti, which pretty much made up my mind before I knew any better. As I walked through the doors into an empty restaurant, I was immediately questioned by the owner as to why I was taking pictures. Explaining that I had a growing desire to capture all things as a photography student, seemed to ease his mind while I looked over the menu.

Offering the standard mix of items, including oxtail, goat stew, dumplings, jerk chicken, and so forth, the menu didn’t seduce me as I was still thinking about the roti. Not the Indian or Malaysian version, you may or may not know of, this item has roots in the cuisine of the West Indies. Basically a giant, flour based flat bread (think tortilla) is stuffed with chickpeas, potatoes and a curried meat. Taking a cue from the owner, I let him pick the protein for this occasion and took a seat.

I was continually told,’two more minutes’ through out my stay, which added up to about 25 by the time things were said and down. I was given a free dumpling during this time (good). I was also told a car salesman like story with regards to the food. “What if I told you this was the best roti in Canada…or the best roti in the world..because it is” Oh dear. I guess I picked the right place to eat on this day. As I waited, I also couldn’t help notice that the restaurant is a mix of junk (luggage, boxes) and unfinished walls with open sockets, poorly painted walls etc..good from far, far from good maybe.

Puling out the ginger beer, I opened my box to find a physically heavy curry chicken roti. With a spice heat around medium, it was full of both dark and white meat. Along with nicely done potatoes and chick peas in a curry sauce. The roti itself was quite thin, which meant picking it up was impossible as it would rip or just give-way to my fingers. I’m no expert of roti, but I’d say this was pretty good. At the end of the day, and if I didn’t have Irie on the south side, I could see this being a solid option. Unfortunately, the high price (almost $15), and distance isn’t enough to bring me running back.

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  1. I went to Sit & Chat a couple of weeks ago for the first time. Although the jerk chicken was alright (not bad, but didn’t rock my world either), they seemed to be out of everything. The women who was both waitress and cook on that night was either unable or unwilling to make dumplings and they were all out of beer save for a few bottles of Corona. The food was nice enough, but I also wouldn’t be rushing back anytime soon.

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