Cadbury Creme Egg Muffins

A few years back, around this time of the year, I stumbled across Mini Cadbury Creme Eggs. I’ve always found that the normal sized eggs (a) send you into a sugar coma, and (b) start rotting your teeth the second they enter your mouth, so it was a nice discovery to find that the smaller version is actually quite manageable. After picking up a few packages at my local grocery store, I thought it would be very Easter of me to bake them into something.

Originally thinking about a cake, I stumbled across this recipe and quickly changed to muffins. With only a few online posts about jamming these eggs into baked goods, the biggest problems seemed to be finding the right cake base, and sinking eggs. Deciding to go with a vanilla cupcake batter, I went light on the liquids to thicken the batter in hopes of keeping the egg in place. The results were good. While the muffin is tasty, the egg didn’t sink at all, leaving most of the egg visible. The creme center didn’t turn into liquid gold like I thought, instead remaining basically the same.

Lots of potential here….