McDonald’s McMini – Edmonton, Alberta

The McMini. Does that name conjure up any thoughts yet. While, if it doesn’t, let me be the first to tell you that this is McDonald’s newest addition to the menu. Similar to last years McWrap, which was half a patty, the new McMini’s come with half a grilled or crispy (breaded) chicken breast on a mini baguette and is topped with either Pesto or Spicy Thai.

I was contacted by the fine folks at McDonald’s last week, who offered me a chance to sample their newest item. Letting them know I would not be participating in the food sampling, they surprised me with a $10 gift card in the mail. So, for all clarity, this little (cue drums) meal was taken care of, and cost me nothing. With a price tag of $1.99, I would be able to sample all 4 variations and have enough left over for a drink!

The situation at the location I visited was not good, more on that later*, but eventually I was given my food off I went. My initial reaction was surprise, and while I knew the item was ‘snack-like’, the small size didn’t hit home until I opened the bag. Thinner than my blackberry pearl, and just a tad longer, you might have a hard time filling up on just one or two. Starting with the pesto versions, I didn’t really notice a difference in flavour between the two. Sure the crispy chicken offers a texture difference, but the overwhelming profile was pesto, which was actually quite good as I didn’t think a fast-food pesto would be done so well.

Opening the last two packages, I was shocked to see another crispy pesto. Hoping to try both spicy thai variations, the bad experience at this location just seemed to be growing. So, putting my sadness aside, I was left to conquer just the one. If you can’t tell from the picture below, I really couldn’t taste anything but sweet chili sauce. So with four options, and like Kim in Vancouver I’d be sure to order the grilled pesto if I was going for another round.

Verdict – mixed but leaning towards good. The bun shows promise. Not your average, and typical white bun, the slightly warm and chewy texture was a nice touch, although there isn’t any sour flavour. Size wise, it’s going to be hit or miss. If you need two, three, or even four of these to fill up, it’s not very cost effective (these were easily three bite sandwiches). However, it might actually be a hit for the little ones or those needing just a snack..but who goes to McDonald’s for just a snack? The taste has potential, with the biggest problem being ‘topping control’. All of my sandwiches were over dressed and I think that unfairly takes away from both the chicken and bun. The strongest flavour was easily the pesto, as any time during the day I burped, it came lurking. In the end, I guess we will see how things go. Even if it does tank, I love that McDonald’s doesn’t stop churning out new menu items…now if only that Big Arch would come back!!

*The service was atrocious on this visit. From the time I paid, to the time I received my food was just over 14 minutes (there was a time marker on my receipt and I counted). The drive-thru staff did not communicate with the counter staff, and plenty of orders were mixed and ‘stolen’ from their proper order. The young man helping me, couldn’t apologize enough, and the manager on duty did nothing to put out the flames, even after drive-thru customers came in with mix ups. After working at McDonald’s for three years in high school, I know what it’s like and this was terrible. To boot, as I noted above, my order was mixed up as well. For shame.

2 thoughts on “McDonald’s McMini – Edmonton, Alberta

  1. Thanks for the shout out!

    It seems McDonald’s really pushed this out to the blogger community, as I was invited as well. In my case, I forwarded my invite to Mijune – her post here, as I was already planning to go by myself.

    While I am used to have Sherman agree with me (after all, we have broken the break together a lot of times already), it is a bit “scary” that our thoughts of the McMini were quite similar. Even scarier is that the similarities go all the way down to the sandwich purchasing! 😀

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