Gazebo Café – Nisku, Alberta

Gazebo Café
Executive Royal Inn Ledec-Nisku
8450 Sparrow Drive, Leduc, Alberta
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Another work-related lunch, means another buffet experience out in the oil & gas epicenter. Located inside the Executive Royal Inn, the Gazebo Café is swankier and classier than my previous buffet experience at the Nisku Inn. Arriving just before 12, this surprise lunch meeting caught me off guard and as such, I apologize, as my only photo option was the trusty blackberry.

Offering a similar amount of seating as the Nisku Inn, the open and circular layout seemed cleaner more welcoming than the Lakeside Grill. I am told the trick to successfully conquering this buffet is to arrive before the noon hour, and true enough, the lunch rush descended on this place like a pack of hungry animals. The selection seemed good, with plenty of cold salad options, meats and cheeses, multiple lettuce offerings for your salad base, fresh vegetables, pickled vegetables, a soup station, oysters, a hot station, and massive dessert bar.

The hot station included roast beef, chicken wings, fish, potatoes, steamed vegetables, chorizo, and pasta. A decent selection, but the fish was never restocked and the beef was quite fatty. I can’t speak for the chicken or chorizo, but the steamed vegetables were fantastic with way more than just the average carrot and broccoli mix. The real kicker at this buffet is the desserts. Offering something for everyone, including a hot dessert (apple crumble), tarts, pies, cupcakes, muffins, cheese cakes, regular cakes, poached pears, cookies, brownies, danishes, and whip cream filled croissant sandwiches.

Not a bad little buffet in the heart of Nisku, and even with a few food glitches, I wouldn’t hesitate to suggest this smorgasbord if you find yourself starving near the airport…and in case you forgot, get there early!

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  1. On my return from Edmonton last week, we stopped in Leduc to find something to eat. I declared the area culinary wasteland after having lunched at some franchise….

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